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Hello Kitties

As I wrote in my update, last May I got two kittens. Eris, the Goddess of Discord, and Harmonia, the Goddess of Harmony, are sisters. They were eight weeks old when I picked them up.

The kitties have been a never ending source of laughs and love. Although, Sugar isn’t really sure that she is likes them. In this picture they’ve stolen her bed (right after we moved into the house).

This is Sugar and Eris on my bed. Sugar is trying to pretend that she isn’t there because my bed is Sugar’s.

In this picture, Eris has the blue bow and Harmonia has the pink one. This was shortly after we moved into the house. Originally, both kitties had orange collars, but we were having a hard time telling them apart, so we went to different colored bows. I didn’t realize that they would destroy the bows with their claws and teeth, when they were playing. The bows didn’t last long.

Eris loved this plant. Until she was unbalanced when she jumped on it and knocked it down. So no more plant. I was able to save some cuttings from it, but decided that even though the plant looked great in this spot, I didn’t want to clean up dirt on a regular basis. So I didn’t replant it. I moved the cuttings to a spot I thought was safe.

But, Harmonia is a climber. So the safe spot for the cuttings resulted in the demise of another plant.

Harmonia jumped onto the counter and then onto the top of the curio cabinet, knocking down an aloe plant. The cuttings were too heavy for her to accidentally knock down. Again I had dirt to clean up.

While the adventurous one, Harmonia is also the one that likes to snuggle. She will come sit on my lap while I’m watching TV or wasting time on the internet.

However, her sweetness doesn’t make up for the trouble she gets herself into. The picture below is Harmonia on the cut out in my kitchen. It is above the cabinets. She jumped on the counter, then onto the refrigerator and then up there. There is nothing up there but dust bunnies and thankfully, she can get herself down. I guess that is why I shouldn’t clean off the top of the refrigerator.

Eris in the cabinet.

Eris is much more elusive than her sister. She doesn’t tend to snuggle, although she will come and sleep between my legs, when I am on my back. She will also wake me up and demand that I pay attention to her, by gently pawing my cheek. Then she will lay just out of my reach. But she does the funniest things.

Eris in my work bag.
Eris rolling on the tablecloth at Thanksgiving.
Eris trying to hide at the vet.

Chris was very allergic to cats and my parents were dog people, so I was never really around cats. I got bit by a cat when I was babysitting and I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to have cats. However, as my hearing is getting worse (you can read my previous post about my hearing here), I am hoping to get a service dog in the future. I know that the rules for service dogs vary, but generally, they don’t want you to have another dog in the house. So, I decided that I would not get another dog, even though there are days I really, really want one. The next best thing, or so I thought, would be to get a cat. But not just any cat, a kitten. And not just one, but two. The person that I got Eris and Harmonia from had another kitty remaining from the litter and offered that one to me too. I thought that three cats would be too much, so I declined. I think that was a good decision.

Wow! Three Years Pass

I’ve been unsettled, the last couple of weeks. I’m not really sure why this feeling has settled in, perhaps it is a minor mid-life crisis. Perhaps it is due to the political climate or that I mindfully took this summer off from coursework. It could be that I’ve been fighting allergies and have had steroids in my system. But whatever it is, I’ve been thinking about writing again.

My last blog post was 3 years ago. A lot has happened since then. Here is a brief update –

My husband, Chris, lost his long battle with Stage IV Lung Cancer on March 21, 2018. I’ll write more about that in a future post, but the boys and I are settled into a new normal and I think that we are doing well.

I am now working as a Learning Specialist at a school in Denver Public Schools. I’m excited to be starting my third year at my school. Overall, I love my job, my co-workers, and my administration. As with any teaching job, I adore some of my students and some of my students challenge me to be the best teacher/person I can possibly be. Some of these challenges have been emotionally painful and life-changing. I am truly humbled and grateful for the opportunities I have had working with these kids and young adults (grades 6 -12).

I bought a house last summer, adopted two kittens, and have been attempting to garden. I love my house and have had a number of adventures in homeownership. The kittens are the first that I’ve ever had and that has been an experience!

I lost my dad in November of 2018, after watching him slowly deteriorate both physically and mentally. While it has been difficult, at times, ultimately, he was tired. Both my brother and I flew into North Carolina to see him before he passed. He was in Hospice care. We had some good conversations with him with both laughter and tears. He died a couple of days after my brother and I flew to our respective homes. Mom is managing things well. More about all of this later.

In December, 2018, our dog, Kirby, crossed the rainbow bridge. She lived a long and wonderful life (about 18 years).

My youngest son graduated from high school and earned his Associates Degree (in Science) in May.

Of course, this is a brief update and I hope to write more. So much has happened over the last several years. However, I can probably sum it up as being in survival mode; putting one foot in front of the other and making it from day to day. I finally feel as if I can take a deep breath and plan versus react to what is going on around me. Hence, the need to write.

Stop Sugar. STOP!

Sugar is now 4.  But she is still a puppy and I expect she will always be.  Because of her treatment before we got her, she is timid and aggressive.  She gets scared of the silliest things (like if she is on the couch and we sit by her, she’ll often run away).  Still, she is a sweet, loving dog. (more…)

Horse from Hades

I’ve written about Po, my friend Mandi’s horse, that Michael has been riding.  Po, we discovered a few weeks ago, has cancer.  He is going blind and he can’t be ridden anymore.  After he got back from North Carolina, Michael went up to spend some time with Po. (more…)

Mr. Beta

Two Saturdays ago, after Michael finished playing soccer (indoor), we needed to go to the pet store to pick up a few things.  While we were there, I decided that I wanted to get myself a fish.  I am not really a small creature person.  I don’t care for the hamsters.  Never wanted to be involved with rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, or the like. (more…)

Sugar and French Fries – Part 2

If you read my previous post about Sugar and French Fries, you’ll remember that she loves them and that she takes them from the box one at a time. It is a very funny thing to watch. (more…)

Rabbits and Squirrels

In Illinois there were squirrels.  They were all over the place in our neighborhood.  There were TONS of them.  Sometimes they’d come in our fence and have to run like crazy to get our before Alex or Kirby could get to them.  Sometimes the dogs came close, but often it wasn’t a contest.

In Colorado, especially where we are, there are rabbits.  They seem to congregate in an area near our apartment where we walk the dogs.  On any given night, we can see 5 or more of them sitting in the grass.

Sugar and Kirby, because we live in an apartment, need to be walked.  We can’t just let them out and let them do their business and come back.  The boys have the responsibility of walking the dogs.  They don’t have many regular chores because they are responsible for the dogs when they are home.  David takes Sugar and Michael takes Kirby.  Michael isn’t big enough to handle Sugar when she sees something she wants and decides to run after it.

The dogs have retractable leashes and choke collars for when the boys take them out.   This seems to work well.  Depending on where we are going, I will trade the retractable leash for a regular one, but most often we use the retractable leashes.

Chris and I take the dogs in the morning before the boys go to school and we will take them out before we go to bed (usually this is Chris because he usually stays up later).

Walking the dogs often makes me smile.  For the most part, Kirby ignores the rabbits.  But every once in a while, she will decide that she wants to chase one.  Sugar, on the other hand, LOVES to go after rabbits.  Sugar is amazingly fast (she is part greyhound) and she has learned just how far she can go before she runs out of leash.  She will run after a rabbit, heading in different directions depending on where the rabbit runs.  Most of the time the rabbits are smart enough to run until they are out of Sugar’s sight.  When they aren’t, Sugar will pull and pull until she gains more leash.  Even planting my feet doesn’t completely help when she is doing this.

When she is going after a rabbit, she will “stalk” it.  She crouches down and gets very still.   She waits for, I don’t know what she waits for, but then all of a sudden she will take off at full-speed.  We can see the hunter/tracker genes at work when she does this.

The interesting thing is, that Sugar will also try to flush out the rabbits.  She will head to the bushes, when there aren’t rabbits to chase, and try to get in and around them to find the rabbits.  She is very talented and frequently finds them.  While she has never caught one, she has come very close.

We wonder what she would do with one if she caught it, anyway.  Would she just keep running and try to play with it?  Would she kill it?  I hope we never have to find out.

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