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French Fries and Sugar

I’ve written about Sugar several times now.  She continues to make us laugh and I just had to share the latest.

Sugar was malnourished when we adopted her.  She had horrible, horrible digestive issues.  We fed her boiled beef and rice, and it didn’t help.  The vet figured she was allergic to beef (what dog is allergic to beef???) and we switched to chicken and rice.  And more rice.  She was eating better than us some nights and it was crazy cooking for the dog.  Rice:  it was on the kitchen floor, the carpet and just about everywhere.  The boys decided that they wanted nothing to do with rice in the future.  But, thankfully it helped.

With Sugar’s delicate tummy, we really watched what she ate.  She LOVES popcorn and while she didn’t care for cheese much in the beginning, she likes it now.  She eats dog food that doesn’t have beef in it although some of her treats do.  Things seem to be working for her and that is all that matters.

But Sugar has never really had much “people food.”  We have been concerned about her tummy.  Alex ate a lot of people food (we would go through the drive-through and order Alex her own french fries).  Kirby has had some, but it has really been cut down since Sugar shouldn’t really have it.  Except for french fries.

Over the past two years, we have given Sugar a few french fries.  She likes them and will wait nicely for you to give her more.  But she doesn’t get her own and she only gets a few.  This past week that all changed.  We brought home fast food (I know it is bad – but everything in moderation) and we had too many french fries.  No one wanted any more.  I suggested that David give some to Sugar.  David put the entire thing of fries in front of Sugar, between her paws.  She looked at us, she looked at David.  She sniffed the fries and looked at us some more.  At this point, we were all laughing.  Sugar didn’t know what to do with the fries.  She wasn’t sure if they were for her or what.  We confused her further by laughing.

Chris took the fries and gave her one and then gave her another one.  She took each fry and ate it.  Then Chris put the fries back between her legs (she was lying on the couch).  Again she looked at us.  She licked the fries and looked at us some more.  And then, it happened.  She put her nose in the container.  She took out one fry and ate it.  We laughed.  Since when did a dog eat only one french fry at a time when they had the whole thing of fries?  We waited thinking that for sure she would inhale the entire container.

She put her nose back in the container.  Delicately pulled out one fry and ate that one.  She did it again and again.  Eating only one fry at a time.  She had us laughing and laughing.  I’m not sure if the laughter encouraged her to continue taking only one fry at a time or if she just wanted to eat slowly, savoring the fries.  I do know, I have never seen a dog with such good manners.


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