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Wow! Three Years Pass

I’ve been unsettled, the last couple of weeks. I’m not really sure why this feeling has settled in, perhaps it is a minor mid-life crisis. Perhaps it is due to the political climate or that I mindfully took this summer off from coursework. It could be that I’ve been fighting allergies and have had steroids in my system. But whatever it is, I’ve been thinking about writing again.

My last blog post was 3 years ago. A lot has happened since then. Here is a brief update –

My husband, Chris, lost his long battle with Stage IV Lung Cancer on March 21, 2018. I’ll write more about that in a future post, but the boys and I are settled into a new normal and I think that we are doing well.

I am now working as a Learning Specialist at a school in Denver Public Schools. I’m excited to be starting my third year at my school. Overall, I love my job, my co-workers, and my administration. As with any teaching job, I adore some of my students and some of my students challenge me to be the best teacher/person I can possibly be. Some of these challenges have been emotionally painful and life-changing. I am truly humbled and grateful for the opportunities I have had working with these kids and young adults (grades 6 -12).

I bought a house last summer, adopted two kittens, and have been attempting to garden. I love my house and have had a number of adventures in homeownership. The kittens are the first that I’ve ever had and that has been an experience!

I lost my dad in November of 2018, after watching him slowly deteriorate both physically and mentally. While it has been difficult, at times, ultimately, he was tired. Both my brother and I flew into North Carolina to see him before he passed. He was in Hospice care. We had some good conversations with him with both laughter and tears. He died a couple of days after my brother and I flew to our respective homes. Mom is managing things well. More about all of this later.

In December, 2018, our dog, Kirby, crossed the rainbow bridge. She lived a long and wonderful life (about 18 years).

My youngest son graduated from high school and earned his Associates Degree (in Science) in May.

Of course, this is a brief update and I hope to write more. So much has happened over the last several years. However, I can probably sum it up as being in survival mode; putting one foot in front of the other and making it from day to day. I finally feel as if I can take a deep breath and plan versus react to what is going on around me. Hence, the need to write.

A Special Sign

When Michael was 3 he attended preschool at AAUW in Waukegan, Illinois.  I was a teacher there and Michael, who was a somewhat clingy child, needed to be in communication with me.  However, I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to be telling him that I loved him while I was teaching.  So we developed a special sign. (more…)

Winter Band Concert – 2012

IMAG0151David in his tux for his first band concert of his high school career.  We did a great job finding his tux – it was on clearance for $130 when it was originally $600.  He got the tux, a sport coat, tux shoes and alterations (for life) for just under $300.  He had his tux shirt, bow tie and cummerbund from when he conducted the middle school choir last year.  I have to say, he looks quite handsome!


The entire Chaparral High School Band.

Raising Children without Religion

As I wrote yesterday, I believe that raising children without religion is more difficult than raising children with religion.  When you embark on the journey of raising children who are freethinkers, you head into the unknown.  There are no set answers about beliefs.  It is scary, very scary. (more…)

Raising Critical Thinkers

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to remember my first conversation with David and/or Michael about religion. And I can’t. I do remember that Michael went to a friend’s house (he was quite little – maybe 4) just before Christmas and he saw a nativity scene. I remember him asking about it in the car on the way home. Of course, both boys were in the car with me, and while I don’t remember the details of the conversation, I would imagine it went something like this… (more…)

David’s Camp Solo

For the last several years David has attended summer camp run by two former theater teachers (Be A Star Colorado).  Andrea and Helen are amazing teachers and David loves going to their camp.  Last summer they produced Oz (which I apparently didn’t blog about) and David was a Munchkin.  The other years they have done compilations of different Broadway Musicals and that is what they did this year. (more…)

The Boys’ Room – Before and After

It took nearly 3 weeks for the new futon to arrive and the old futon to be picked up.  It was quite an ordeal!  But the boys’ room is done. (more…)

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