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Preview of What is to Come – Future Posts

It is an ambitious list – and I have 20+ Drafts in my folder that I hope to finish and publish.  We will see about how things really work out.  I’m also sure that I’ll find more things to write about as the summer goes on.  Let me know if any specific topics are of great interest and I’ll see about getting those written first!  Look for Cancer Update tomorrow.

Cancer Update

Broken Foot, Exercise be Dammed!

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High Hopes

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Book and Movie Review – The Lightning Thief

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My Dabbling in Homemade Beauty Products

Jeans Quilt

My Teacher Evaluation

My Boys and Dating

The Price of Unions

Book Review – The Zookeepers Wife

Book Review – Seedfolks

Lesson Plan – Caring Complements

The Fallacy of Market Value for Teachers in Douglas County School District

Diane Rativoch

Book Review – A Tune For Bears to Dance To

Holocaust Speaker

Vegetable Gardening

Lesson Learned – My First (Full) Year of Teaching High School



It’s Summer and I’m Back!

School is out for the summer! It was a crazy and fulfilling year. I can’t wait to write about all the things I did with my students.

I hope to get back into writing over the next few days and expect that I will spend a lot of time writing. You see, I broke my foot. Not a little break, but a break and 2 stress fractures. I’ve been non-weight bearing for the past 2 weeks and have at least 2 more weeks ahead. It means that I’m sitting in my chair and keeping my foot up. I’ve got a knee scooter and crutches, but really it takes a lot of energy to do EVERYTHING!

I’ll get into the full story about how I broke my foot in another post.

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