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Tell Me About Yourself Award

I know, I said that I was taking a few days off and here I am blogging and posting. it is just one of those things. Since the end of May when I started blogging regularly (again), I have been surprised by the number of people who have been interested in following my blog. Most of them have found me, made some interesting comments and decided to see what I’m up to on a regular basis. This is very rewarding! One of my recent followers, Kristina of TaurusMom Tells The Truth! sent me this blogging “award.” (more…)


A Glimpse Into The Future

My crystal ball shows me that this post is going to be difficult.  It tells me that every time I try to insert a picture of a crystal ball, it won’t save.  It tells me that I will have to write this post several times.  It tells me that I’m going to be quite frustrated by the time this posts…

It also tells me that I won’t be able to attribute the photo to the photographer in the caption.  But I borrowed the photo from Iris Shreve Garrott.  Finally, my crystal ball tells me that writing this post several times is old!  But, wait!  What’s that?  There is something that is appearing… (more…)

American Girl Store, Colorado

I have boys and somehow I ended up on the American Girl mailing list.  I’ve always thought that it was fun to look at the dolls in the pictures.  It was astounding to me the cost of the stuff, but I guess Chris and I shell out hundreds of dollars for electronics for the boys.  Anyway, while my sister-in-law has taken my nieces to the American Girl store in Chicago (and had tea), I didn’t think I would ever go into one.  But I did. (more…)

My Dad – Follow Up

I wrote about my dad for Father’s Day. It was my tribute to him and my apology because I didn’t get cards in the mail, yet again. (more…)

City Worker at Wrightsville Beach

Since it was raining the day we went to the beach, my parents stayed under the shelter (most of the time) and then went back to sit in the car.  My mom had knee surgery last year and still (sometimes) has difficulties getting around.  If she is going to the mall or somewhere that she doesn’t have a grocery cart to push, and has a lot of walking, she brings her walker.  She also has a handicapped tag for her car.So at Wrightsville Beach my parents had the car in a Handicapped spot with the tag hanging from the mirror.  We had paid to park at a spot down the road before we realized that it was too far from the facilities (bathrooms, etc) and then moved the car to another part of the beach.  I didn’t think that we needed to pay again… (more…)

Making Yogurt

A couple of weeks ago I was able to snag some milk that was close to the expiration date for cheap. I decided that I would try to make yogurt. Little did I know this was going to become a new obsession. (more…)

Co-Sleeping: A Recent Occurence

It seems that this week I’ve been writing a lot about Parenting.  Much more than usual.   Normally, things at our house run fairly smoothy; that is, if you don’t look at the dirty dishes and laundry piling up. (more…)

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