My journey to shoot for the moon.

Favorite Websites

Sites to help you save money

Bargain Blessings – deals and coupons

Shop at – This is where Chris works and if you sign up you will get $5 in your account and I will get $5 in my account after you make a qualifying purchase.  Basically, you sign-up and then go through when you shop online.  If you purchase something from a participating company, you then get a percentage of that purchase in your account.  When you get $20 in your account Shop at will mail you a check.  Here is an example – June 12 there was a Shop at promotion with Bath and Body  Works.  I placed an order for some clearance stuff going through the Shop at site.  Not only did I get some great deals, I got 20% my order instantly AND will get 7% in my account.  You can also print grocery coupons.

$5 Dinners – this is also the name of a cookbook that I LOVE.

Thought provoking sites –

Friendly Atheist – this is written by a High School Math teacher in Chicago.  He writes about religion.  It may not be a site for everyone, but it definitely gives me things to consider.  Recent posts include:  Banning Books, Creationism, LGBT Rights and other controversial topics.


Diane Ravitch’s Blog – She posts many times a day with short writings about what is going on in education.

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