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About me

My name is Robin and I’m a 40 year old wife, mother and unemployed special education teacher. My husband, Chris, is 42. He was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer on October 6, 2009. We are the parents of two very different boys. David is almost 13 and Michael is 10.  I hope to post at least once a day – for now.  I’m still fitting blogging into my life and I am certain that when I get a job, it will slow down for a bit as I readjust and find my “new normal.”

This blog is about my life and challenges; about my celebrations, frustrations and feelings.  It is about my job search, our pets, my daily life, my handsome boys, my husband, living with someone with Lung Cancer.  It is an attempt, at times, to laugh at myself and to share my hopes and dreams.  Sometimes it will be funny and sometimes sad, but it is my life as it is, uncensored.  It is my journey to reach the moon and my desire to at least land among the stars.

David, Chris and Michael - Father's Day 2011

(updated:  July 29, 2011)

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