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My boys have never liked Spaghetti-Os.  Not as babies, toddlers or small children and they certainly don’t like them now.  They don’t like any of the canned pasta that I ate regularly as a kid.  I don’t know if they have been spoiled by home cooking or what, but they don’t like them and won’t eat them.  (more…)

Adventures in Substitute Teaching – Day 9

This was a day that I had been requested to sub by one of  the Mild/Moderate Teachers at David’s school.  And this day, I was going to meet the rest of David’s teachers, as I would be working with David’s team (the kids are divided into 4 teams per grade and they have classes with only their team – the teachers are assigned to teams as well – so everyone in David’s team has the same “core” teachers (Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies).

This was my first “request” to sub.  I was so excited that she wanted me to come in for her!  However, it was another CRAZY day.  (more…)

Marching Band Day and Night

David plays the tenor saxophone and is in the Middle School Concert Band and the Jazz Band.  Michael has just started playing the flute.  I’m not certain that he is going to continue,  but currently he is in band.  A couple of times each year, the high school invites the middle school and elementary school band members to band events at the High School.  These events usually include the high school kids performing and then spending time working with the younger kids.  At the end of September, they had Marching Band Day and Marching Band Night. (more…)

Adventures in Substitute Teaching – Harvest Day

Day 8

Harvest Day was the day before Fall Break at this school, where I was subbing for the Severe/Profound Teacher.  But did I know this?  Of course not.  The teacher I was subbing for didn’t put this in his sub notes.

So, since I knew I was subbing in SSN (Severe/Profound), I wore tennis shoes.  But since I was a sub, I wore dress pants and a professional top.  Wow.  When I walked into the school, I saw the principal (who I knew from working at a different school that she was at), and she was wearing overalls and had her hair in pigtails.  Yep, pigtails.  I was SO overdressed.  I really felt out of place. (more…)

David’s IEP (Individual Education Plan)

For those of you who don’t know David, he has been “classified” by the school system as Twice Exceptional.  Twice Exceptional means that his has a Learning Disability and is Gifted/Talented.

When David was in Kindergarten, he couldn’t hold his pencil properly.  He couldn’t cut, ride a bike or tie his shoes.  He got services from an OT (Occupational Therapist) and continued to have difficulties.  Many of his difficulties involved writing.  But the Zion School District (Illinois) did not believe that he had a problem.  Especially because his reading ability was off the charts and his vocabulary was amazing for a kid his age.  They didn’t believe that he needed help for his “difficulties.” (more…)

Adventures in Substitute Teaching – Day 5

This day, I walked into the school and found out that there were approximately 50 unfilled substitute positions in the district for that day.  I was scheduled to substitute for the Moderate Needs SPED teacher, but since there were 6 unfilled positions at the school, I volunteered to take a classroom.

I ended up subbing in a 5th grade self-contained Gifted and Talented classroom.  The secretary actually gave me a hug when I said that I didn’t mind taking a GT class and that I had experience with GT kids.  Michael is in the same program, just at a different school. (more…)

Futurama and Cancer

Best Friends

The boys have become obsessed with Futurama and have watched a large number of old episodes.  Generally, Futurama is harmless.  However, recently there was an episode that I could have done without.

David and Michael were watching.  Chris had gone to bed and I was, I think, reading my book.  I was in the same room as the TV, but I wasn’t paying any attention.  When the episode was nearly over, I looked up at the TV and saw Fry’s (the main character) dog sitting outside the pizza place where Fry worked.  And Fry’s dog was shown aging and then eventually as a skeleton. (more…)

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