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Menu Board

I have struggled with menu planning for quite some time. I know how to plan menus, I know how to cook, and I know how to shop but putting it all together and having everyone eat is a challenge. I’ve been indulging my Pinterest Passion and found an amazing idea. (more…)


More Musings From an Unemployed Teacher Turned Frustrated Housewife

Why do some of the dishes come out of the dishwasher dirtier than they went in?  And why does the repair guy me there is nothing wrong with the dishwasher?

Did you know that you can load the dishwasher (even rinse all the dishes) in less that the time it takes for coffee to brew?

Getting the coffee going in the morning is important to me, I measure a lot of things by the time coffee brews.

Why is it that I have to remind Michael to take his phone with him on a regular basis?  And why is it that the time he remembers on his own, he put it in his swimsuit pocket to go to the pool?

Did you know that phones don’t like pools?

And did you know that the vacuum cleaner is the best way to pull moisture out of a phone?  The next step is to put the phone in rice.  But, seriously, did you know that phones don’t like pools?  And no vacuum or rice can fix that?

Did you know that a phone charger costs $30.00 and you can get a new phone from Verizon (every 2 years) for $40.00 and that includes the charger?

Did you know that a kid with an alarm clock has the option to snooze means that the alarm will be going off every 10 minutes for an hour?

I wonder what causes people to get a second wind.  I wonder if there is a way to tell yourself that you don’t want one and would rather go to sleep.  Do you think that if you could tell yourself that, that you would listen to yourself?

Why is it, when I have things for the boys to do, they are doing the one thing that I don’t want to stop?  Reading!

There are three opened and one unopened bottle of BBQ sauce in my refrigerator.  I wonder why that is and if that is why I kept buying more, so there are 3 more unopened bottles in the pantry?

I I don’t make myself coffee in the morning when I get up and start feeling tired in the afternoon, should I make coffee then?  But I don’t really care for hot coffee (see How I Found Coffee) in the afternoon, so should I make it iced?  Will it keep me up at night?  And how will I know that it is the coffee and not other things, because I don’t sleep on a normal schedule anyway?

Why is it that my boys don’t think I know anything about electronics?  Why is it when I ask a question I get attitude and eye rolling?  Michael says that it is because I ask the stupidest questions.  But is any question stupid?  And if I knew the answer, why would I ask?  Just to annoy them?

I wonder if they realize that, while their dad is an expert and I don’t know as much as he does, I do know much more than the average person.  And why aren’t they duly impressed when I figure things out on my own and don’t have to bother them?

Why doesn’t my own family read my blog?  And why is it that they get angry with me for reading it to them, saying that they want to read it on their own, but then don’t?

Is it possible to “over blog?”  I’ve been playfully accused of “over blogging” by AG and I wonder if it is possible.  And why is it when someone says something like that to me, I have to “over think” it?

Can I limit myself to 1 posting every day, plus a Job Search Update without exploding?  Why is it when the creative juices begin to run, you can no longer keep things contained?

How can I spend the entire day working on my blog and doing not much else?  I wonder why that is ok with me.  It almost seems like a waste of time.  But is it really, if it helps me keep my sanity?

Michael playing indoor soccer.

Did you know that I’m a soccer mom?  Michael plays soccer and I take him to his practices and games.   That makes me a soccer mom.  How come I didn’t know this until the other day, when I’ve been a soccer mom for 4 years?  But what is a Soccer Mom, really?

Am I unemployed if I am home-schooling David?  And chauffeuring both boys?  If I am a chef, personal shopper, housekeeper, dog walker, event planner, schedule coordinator, blogger, part-time nurse, alarm clock, photographer, laundress, investigator, homework monitor, judge and jury, jailer, job applicant, and finder of lost things?  Isn’t it that I am over-worked and under-paid instead?  And how did I have time for all of it when I did work?

Why is it that the first day of school causes parents to forget how to move through the pick-up line?  I waited for almost 30 minutes to get Michael and his friend from school.  I didn’t even make it to the parking lot until 4:15 (school lets out at 4).

Why is it that when I have a TON of things to do, someone doesn’t sleep and so I don’t sleep?

A 5 lb. medicine ball and two boys is not a good combination.  And the boys will seek out the medicine ball no matter where you put it.  Don’t even think about putting it down because one of the boys will have it when you are ready to pick it back up.

A 10-year-old can get a muscle cramp from working his abdominal obliques with a 5 lb. medicine ball.

When there is an error message on the coffee machine, it is not a good thing.  Especially, when the error message means that the coffee machine won’t turn on and it beeps loudly every few minutes to tell you that the non-existent coffee is ready.

The smoke detector going off at 2 am scares the living daylights out of you.  And even if there is nothing wrong, it makes it very difficult to go back to sleep.

If the coffee machine error and the smoke detector going off in the middle of the night happen in a 24 hour period, you know that you are in for a VERY rough day.

Reaching Blog Goal

People are reading my blog, which is wonderful!  Thank you everyone!

I started writing my blog on July 8, 2011 and as of right now there have been 500 views of my blog!!!  I really thought it would take longer for me to reach 500.  So I am very pleased.

The blog that has had the most readers was Michael and His Hair.  And my poll completely bombed (which is ok).  Only 2 people voted.  On my busiest day, 60 people viewed my blog.

Today I added a link to my Home Page that you will see at the top on the right.  If you click on it, it will take you to my meal plan for the week.  I’ve added some links to recipes with the plan and if you are interested, you can see how I organize things for the week.  More details will be added, if I see interest, and as I get used to working on the pages in addition to the blogs.

Anyway, thanks for supporting me.  I appreciate it!

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