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Musings from a Substitute Teacher

I am still having technical difficulties – I cannot get things to post. But I am trying again, so hang in there with me.

As I am winding down my stint as a substitute teacher, I thought that I would share my thoughts. Did you know that the staff bathrooms in the middle and high schools are locked? (more…)

Technical Difficulties

I’m having some issues with my blog – I will try to work on getting them fixed today. But until then, bear with me.

Autism and Low Birth Weight

In October there was a study released in Pediatrics: The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding Autism and Low Birth Weight (you can read the article and abstract at

The study found (with a very small study group) that babies weighing less than 4.4 lbs at birth were 5 times as likely to be diagnosed with autism. (more…)

Sugar and French Fries – Part 2

If you read my previous post about Sugar and French Fries, you’ll remember that she loves them and that she takes them from the box one at a time. It is a very funny thing to watch. (more…)

Maxi Does it Again

Maxi is a fellow blogger that “introduced” herself to me after I wrote about Chris’ Lung Cancer. She recently lost her husband, David, to Lung Cancer. (more…)

David as Mowgli

On Monday, David auditioned for the Missoula Children’s Theater Production of Jungle Book. David has been in nearly 3 Missoula productions each year for the past 4 years (we missed a one or two).

The kids audition on Monday. Auditions last from 4-6 pm and the directors will cast kids by 6 pm. David has auditioned with as few as 70 kids and as many as 160 kids. The kids range in age from 5-18. And usually between 55-65 kids are cast for the production. The directors make the auditions fun and in my opinion, just auditioning for a Missoula production is a worthwhile experience. (more…)

Treasures from the Storage Area

As I wrote in a previous post, I have been working on cleaning out our storage area. I am done for now, but I did go back and get the two boxes marked “keepsakes” and brought them to the apartment to go through them. I found some amazingly wonderful things. (more…)

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