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Fall Break in Colorado

Fall is by far my favorite time of year.  I love cool, crisp mornings and the changing colors.  I love Indian Summer (does anyone remember the story that appeared in the paper about Indian Summer?).  I love Halloween and Thanksgiving.  And it helps that my birthday falls in October.

Growing up in Illinois meant that Fall was generally a very short season.  Halloween often was cold, cold enough that we wore winter coats to trick-or-treat.  By Thanksgiving, there was often snow.  And then there was the grey.  Illinois is grey much of the year – what I mean is that the sun won’t make an appearance for days upon days and the sky is grey and overcast.  But for the few weeks that we had Fall, I loved it.

Colorado is quite different from Illinois during Fall.  The leaves change colors and against the blue cloudless sky they seem more vibrant.  There is often snow covering the mountains and I can see this from where we live.  It is generally cool in the mornings, but by afternoon it is quite warm.  It can snow.  But the snow stays on the ground for only a short period of time.

The very cool thing about Colorado is that the kids have either a week or two weeks off of school (they also have a week or two off in Spring).  There was no Fall Break in Illinois.  Michael has been off this past week and both boys will be off this week.

If you’ll remember from an earlier post, it snowed a week ago.  We woke up on Saturday morning and there was snow on the ground.  Yesterday (Friday) Michael went swimming at the outdoor pool in our complex.  It was warm enough for swimming.  Today it is supposed to be in the mid-80’s.  But by Tuesday the temperatures will drop down to the 60’s and it looks like it will stay in the 60’s for a while.  The 60’s in Colorado are still comfortable and the afternoons can feel quite warm.

During Fall Break, at least for this year, we don’t have much planned.  Chris’ parents arrive on Thurs. or Friday and will stay in Colorado for the weekend.  David has a doctor’s appointment.  Michael”s birthday is during this time, and so is mine.  But right now we don’t have anything special planned (lots of families travel during break, making it difficult to plan birthday parties).  But that is it.  We don’t have much else planned.  I expect that David will continue his journey into teenagehood by staying up late, sleeping in and perhaps napping.

Mostly, I think that the boys are going to play, relax and get themselves geared back up for school.  The next break is Thanksgiving and I know that from Halloween to Thanksgiving can seem like forever.

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