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Why I’m Furious with Robin Williams

I remember watching Mork and Mindy as a child and running around saying nanu nanu. I thought Robin Williams was a talented actor and admired him for his ability to make people laugh. He seemed like “one of us,” approachable. I also thought that it was really cool that we shared a first name. And with his death, the world is a little less funny and a little less bright.



Holocaust Documents

Several days ago I wrote about Holocaust Survivor Osi Slavek. Amazingly enough, I got an email from my mom the same morning that I published that blog (you can read it here) about a 60 Minutes episode.  My mom had gotten the email from a friend of hers and it was  meant to be a “chain letter” email.  I was curious, so I went to the link for the 60 Minutes site. (more…)

A Moment of Silence

In Memoriam 

July 20, 2012

Aurora, Colorado

Photo by Mark Rantal


Aurora, Colorado is not far from here and while I don’t think that I knew anyone in the theater, until they release the names of those who were in the theater, I won’t know for sure.  I am shocked and appalled.  I hope that you will join me in a symbolic moment of silence for the victims and their families.

Sidewalk Chalk – Follow Up

I wonder if the Stapleton residents saw these.  June 2-3 was the Denver Chalk Art Festival.  Which, of course, I missed because I was in NC. (more…)

Using Sidewalk Chalk a Criminal Act??

I’ve just gotten back from North Carolina and have TONS to write about.  In fact, I spent about a half hour yesterday “jotting” down notes so I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to write!  In NC, I didn’t get on a computer (except to print my boarding pass).  I did read my email and peeked at Facebook, but I didn’t spend much time online.  Friday morning I wanted to post an update about Chris’ cancer, since he saw the oncologist on Wednesday.  So, I got on the internet.  My Yahoo page comes up when I connect to Firefox and local news is at the top.  I wasn’t planning on reading the news today.  I wasn’t planning on spending much time blogging either.  But one of the headlines caught my eye.  SIDEWALK CHALK ART AGAINST THE RULES IN STAPLETON (more…)

Innocence Lost

I debated writing about this.  I wasn’t sure if I could really face my true feelings about the event.  But I decided that it was important.  On December 27, 2011 a 40-year-old woman was shot and killed outside McDonald’s near Mainstreet, in Parker, Colorado.  She was pregnant and her other children were inside.  This wasn’t a random shooting, she was shot by her ex-husband, who then left the scene and killed himself. (more…)

Heartbeat Bill

I just read about the “Heartbeat Bill” on the Time Magazine Website, and while I have been trying to post one entry to my blog daily, I am going to post two today.  I can’t help it.  Without getting into rhetoric regarding the controversy regarding abortion, I need to comment.

For those of you who haven’t heard, pro-life groups are attempting get laws passed in all 50 states, saying that a woman must listen to the fetus’ heartbeat before they can consent to an abortion.  What the heck!

I realize that abortion is a hot-button topic.  But, really!  The government does not belong in the exam room.  That is a place for a woman (or a man, although he wouldn’t be pregnant) and her healthcare provider.  Is this really a precedent that we want to start:  having the government dictating what goes on in the exam room?

For example, if you are a smoker should the government mandate that you need to look at photographs or video of what smoking does to your lungs every time you see your healthcare provider and confirm that you haven’t stopped smoking.  What about those people who are overweight?  Should they be required, by the government, to be shown video of what arteries look like when you have high cholesterol.  Or, people who drink, should they be shown what cirrhosis of the liver looks like?

One might argue that the medical issues I’ve described are nothing like being pregnant.  I will concede that point.  However, is this really a precedent that we want to set?  One that allows the government into the exam room?  Because, if we allow the government to impose laws requiring women to listen to a fetal heartbeat prior to consenting to an abortion, where will the intrusion stop?

And what about cases of incest and rape?  Requiring a woman to listen to a fetal heartbeat after already being traumatized.  I would call that cruel and unusual punishment – and if I remember my American History correctly, that is unconstitutional (check out the 8th amendment).

Like I said, I realize that abortion is a topic that is very controversial – and I won’t go into the arguments regarding abortion (for or against) – but requiring a woman to listen to a fetal heartbeat?  Mandating that doctors must “make” a woman listen to the heartbeat prior to consenting to an abortion?  The government does not belong in the exam room.  This is what these laws will result in – the government in the exam room.  I certainly don’t want anyone but my healthcare provider in there with me.  Do you?

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