My journey to shoot for the moon.

What will I name the follow-up to this post? What comes after EVEN More?

How come I can manage to clean off the kitchen table completely, but can’t keep it that way?  It takes less than 24 hours before it is covered with stuff again.

Why does it rain whenever I plan an outdoor activity?

Why is it that when my schedule allows me to sleep in, I still wake up early?  And why, when I need to get up early, am I sleeping very deeply when the alarm goes off?

When you are blowing up a beach ball, if you don’t hold the valve, the air won’t go in.

Why do some of the smartest people miss the obvious?

How is it that I became an adult and still have so many unanswered questions?

Can you see the speech bubble above my head when you read this?

Why don’t I get to throw tantrums?  I don’t want to be an adult and have to act my age.

I don’t want to referee any more arguments and my black and white shirt needs to be washed so all disputes must wait until shirt is clean.   How did I become a referee anyway?

What did we do before sticky notes?  How did we “flag” items that were important?  Can you imagine how your life would change if suddenly all sticky notes disappeared?

I think that digital cameras were a great invention for parents.  I didn’t take many pictures before I had my digital camera because I didn’t want to waste film or money developing the film for bad pictures.  Now I can take as many pictures as I want and if I only keep a few, that is ok and I just delete the ones I don’t want.

How can a child be in the bathtub for over an hour and not wash?  Is there not soap and shampoo in the tub?  Why is it that when you remind said child that they need to use soap, they say “ok” and when you check on them a little later and ask if they have used soap, they reply, “not yet”?  What are they waiting for?  And why is it when you check with them again, they say, “I forgot.”  How can you forget to use soap when you are in the bathtub?

How is it that you can clean all day and within an hour there are more dishes to be done, laundry to be washed and garbage to be taken out?

Why would anyone clean all day?  I must have lost my mind.

If I lost my mind, it was because I put it in a safe place and can’t remember where that safe place was.  I know that I put it somewhere safe, so we wouldn’t lose it, but I really can’t remember where that is.  It would be the same place where I put the powdered sugar container before we found it.  I promise you that it was safe there though.

Why is it that it hits 3:30 pm and I get tired?  And then all I want is to eat chocolate and sleep.  I understand the sleep part, but what about chocolate part?  Is it because I think that chocolate will wake me up?  Or is it because chocolate is “comfort food”?

Why do kids assume they missed the bus when a bus goes by?

Why didn’t my package arrive when it was supposed to?  It left Denver at 4:17 am and it still isn’t here.  What did we do we could track packages?  Or order off the internet?

Why did it take more than 24 hours for my package to transit from Denver to Parker?  It takes me less than 30 minutes to drive from Parker to Denver

Why is it, when I finally have a day all to myself – Chris is at work and both kids are at school – I have a massive headache and can’t enjoy it?  Aleve and coffee haven’t put a dent in it, either!

If unemployment says that I am supposed to make 5 contacts a week for jobs, and I apply for 10 jobs this week (because there are 10 jobs posted I can apply for), and there are no jobs posted next week, am I good?

Why is it that when I change the sheets, wash the comforter and actually make the bed look nice, does the fan decide to spit dust?  I know that I need to clean the fan and I’ve thought about doing it, but just hadn’t gotten to it.  It is a tough job standing on the bed to get the fan clean, and the dust goes everywhere.  And I’m still working on getting everything in my room put away from moving the furniture from Sugar’s trip out the window (see previous post).

Why do my kids argue about the stupidest things?  They actually were getting VERY angry with each other about having a fan on in their room while they were trying to sleep.  One child was hot.  The other child said he couldn’t fall asleep because of the noise the fan made.  How in the hell do you solve this problem?

Parenting at 9:45 pm would not qualify as some of my best parenting.  I get angry when kids are arguing when they are supposed to be sleeping.

Why is it that I ordered a book for me (on parenting – specifically parenting kids without religion) and David manages to steal it and read the beginning of the book before I have a chance to look at it?  He really frightens me sometimes:  he was familiar with one of the reviewers of the book.  How does a teenager know of a reviewer of a parenting book?  And does that mean that I bought a good book, or one I should be leery of?


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  1. In your honor, I’m eating the chocolate bar that I bought yesterday that I’d forgotten about (how is that even possible, BTW?) And I’m dunking it in peanut butter.


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