My journey to shoot for the moon.

As I wrote in a previous post, our dog Sugar, is happiest when we are all home.  She would run back and forth from the door to the window in Chris’ and my room anytime someone took the garbage, walked Kirby or left for any other reason.

And it was very cute.  At first.  And then it wasn’t so cute.  You see, after  Sugar had lived with us for a year, she decided that there were things out the window she wanted.  And she went to get them.  I was sitting in the living room (probably working on homework) and the next thing I knew was that the boys were running out the door to catch Sugar.  She went through the screen to go and play with the dogs that were out being walked.  At the time, it was funny and harmless (except to the screen).  Wow!

So, we wouldn’t open the window all the way and left it so that she could get her nose out, but that was it.  And this worked, for a while.

There is a dog in our complex that doesn’t get along with Sugar.  They fight when they get too close to each other.  Their first encounter ended with the other dog drawing blood.  It wasn’t pretty but Sugar was alright (a couple of scabs).  I don’t know if she hurt the other dog, as we have not had any contact with the owners.

We have tried very hard to keep her away from this dog.  However, the other dog’s owners aren’t as conscientious.  All this summer, they have walked their dog by our window.  It drives Sugar nuts.  Considering she is such a timid dog, she has quite a reaction to this other dog.  She growls.  She barks.  Her hackles come up.  She shows her teeth.  And she tries to get out.  Which is what she did one night when Chris and I were in bed.  The other dog was being walked right past our window and Sugar managed to open the glass far enough she could go out the screen.  By the time that Chris got out to where she was, the other owner had managed to get their dog away and Sugar came running over to Chris.

Thankfully, Sugar was unharmed.   She also didn’t run away (she is very, very fast), she came right to Chris when she saw him.  These were all good things, but what were we to do about her going out the window.  And how the heck had she learned to open the window?

David and I spent the following day moving furniture.  We have a large dresser with a mirror in front of the window now.  On both sides of the window are plastic shelving that contains my scrapbooking supplies.  There is no way that Sugar will be able to get out the window now.  So, we can now open the windows all the way, but much of the window is blocked by the dresser.  And this is the way it will have to remain, as the other dog is still walked in front of our window.


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