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Musings – July 1, 2015


7/1/15 RBJ


Setting Sun

Imagine floating among the clouds,

Awash with golden yellow-orange hues.

Surrendering tension,

Relaxing into self-discovery.


Why I LOVE Colorado

Why I LOVE Colorado

You can wear shorts and a tee-shirt at the same time you are wearing winter boots and you can wear shorts in the winter and no one looks at you funny.  You also don’t get frostbite.

The sun shines almost every day.

In the summer when the sun sets, it starts to get cool.

I see the mountains every day.

The humidity is usually very low.

You can bring your bottle of water wherever you go.

Prairie Dog

Prairie dogs make me laugh.

(Picture from

Colorado schools have a fall break and a spring break.

Dogs are welcome.

Smoking isn’t allowed in restaurants and bars.

-30 with the wind chill is extremely rare and -15 means that schools close.

In Colorado over the past 4 years I saw more rainbows than I had seen in Illinois in 36 years.

The sunsets are amazing.

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