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I remember when I got my ears pierced.  It was a VERY big deal.  I don’t remember the discussions that my parents had, but I know that my dad was against it.  I know that it took a long time for my mom to convince my dad.  And I remember being very excited.I got to go for my 9th Birthday.  I don’t remember going or getting my ears pierced.  But I do remember that when we got home my mom told me I should pull my long hair in front of my ears and tell my dad that I “chickened” out.  So I did.

Britt Reints Ear Piercing 016

Britt Reints Ear Piercing 016

I remember laughing as my dad believed me and then not being able to keep a straight face and showing him my earrings.  I truly remember it being a big deal and a kind of rite of passage.

My parents wouldn’t let me get a second piercing (in my ear).  They felt that it was unprofessional and that I would regret it later.  I finally got one just before my brother’s wedding.  I was married at that time and my parents couldn’t do anything to stop me.  They still felt it was a very bad idea.  It has never been an issue, in fact, it is pretty tame compared to the piercings these days.

I never got another piercing.  I didn’t see the need.  If I ever have a bikini-worthy stomach, I might get my belly button pierced, but I’m almost 44 and I don’t see that in my near future.

However, I did try out a cartilage ear-ring (I like the way they look) – not a piercing – to see if I wanted to get a cartilage piercing, but it rubbed against my hearing aid and I didn’t like that.  So, no cartilage piercing for me.

I have asked my boys if they want to get their ear(s) pierced and the answer has always been “NO!”  That’s fine with me.  Honestly, I don’t care either way.  Personally, I find a small diamond stud sexy.  But, I respect their rights to choose what they want for their own bodies.

One of my former students has facial piercings and David’s best friend has one or two (lip and tongue along with ears, etc.).  Do I think that it will prevent them from having their dream job?  Absolutely not.  Would I want to kiss them (if I were the type to kiss girls)?  Absolutely not.  But, I respect that it is their decision – well, in the case of David’s friend, her’s and her parents since she isn’t 18.

However, ear gauges are where I draw the line.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, ear gauges are the things that stretch out the earlobe.

Pierced Left by asphyxiated337 Photography / People & Portraits / Self-Portraits

Pierced Left by asphyxiated337
Photography / People & Portraits / Self-Portraits

The one in the picture isn’t too bad, but in my opinion, since it cannot be undone, it is a bad idea.  Many piercing “holes” will close if they aren’t used in a long time.  Or if they don’t, it is a small hole that may not be obvious.  Gauge holes can be enormous and your earlobe doesn’t return to “normal” if/when you decide you are done with them.

Maybe I’m a fuddy-duddy, but I don’t see the appeal.  I don’t understand why someone would want to mutilate their body.  Would I allow my child to do this to their body?  Absolutely not.  Not while I am paying their bills and supporting them.  Would I do everything in my power to convince them not to do it, if they were self-supporting?  Yes, without a doubt.  Do I respect the rights of other people to do this to themselves?  I do.  But I don’t understand why someone would want to.  Could it prevent them from having their dream job?  I think that it could.  In certain jobs image is everything.   And this isn’t something that you can cover up or take out.  Once you do it, you are stuck with it:  you can’t change your mind.  At least, you can’t without involving a surgeon and probably a large amount of money.

You may not agree with me, and if you don’t I’d love to hear why.  So please post your thoughts in the comments section.

I’m going somewhere with this but it is going to take a bit.  Hang on, there is more to come.  Watch for Tattoos and Piercings:  What Would My Mother Think?  Part 2 where I’ll talk about tattoos.

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