My journey to shoot for the moon.

IMG_0087 Herbs and veggies
IMG_0093 Annuals and basil

One of the things I’ve been doing this summer is building my fairy garden.  We don’t have much room on our patio, but this year I have started a little garden.  I have tomatoes, peppers, basil and chives in the “vegetable” area.  I have some annuals in a hanging basket and some ice flowers attached to the rail.

Ice flowers Ice flowers

I love the ice flowers!  David told me about them after having a speaker in science class.  They are native to Colorado and don’t need much water.  I bought them at two different places and am waiting for the orange/yellow ones to bloom.  I’m sure that they will be just as pretty as the purple/white ones.

While I am enjoying the veggies and the few flowers, I have been spending most of my time with my fairy garden.  It is actually 2 plastic containers that I have set next to each other, with one on an empty plastic box.  I am hoping that some of the plants from the top container expand out and around the bottom container.IMG_0089I have two dusty miller plants in the fairy garden, but the remaining plants are perennials.  I have some thyme and some other “stuff” that I can’t tell you what it is, because I’ve already forgotten.  The plant part isn’t the part that is keeping me busy.  What I like the most is the fairy part.  She isn’t exactly what I wanted, but she is good enough.  Fairy faces have to be just right, in my opinion.  Her’s isn’t perfect, but it is good enough.

Garden Fairy bought at Michael's Garden Fairy bought at Michael’s


IMG_0097 Gazebo, pinwheel, American Flag (on top of Gazebo)
IMG_0090 The top container before I added fairy stuff
Homemade swing Homemade swing



Hidden key Hidden key




Stool I eventually turned into a chair. Stool I eventually turned into a chair.



Upper container with fairy stuff Upper container with fairy stuff

I’ve got a few more things for my fairy garden that I haven’t finished – several lengths of a picket fence, a trellis, different decorations for seasons/holidays, a treasure chest and some “fake” flowers.  I’m hoping to find a broken terracotta pot or a different container to move the garden to (at some point).  I’d love to add fairy lights, but they are comparatively expensive (cost more than the plants) and I haven’t found any that are for outdoor use.  I have some LED lights (butterflies) hanging around the hanging planters and it is quite pretty after dark.

More to come on the fairy garden…I’m having such fun with it!



Comments on: "Gardening and My Fairy Garden" (1)

  1. You need a distraction Robin; the ice flowers are beautiful. Take care.
    blessings ~ maxi


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