My journey to shoot for the moon.

Menu Board

I have struggled with menu planning for quite some time. I know how to plan menus, I know how to cook, and I know how to shop but putting it all together and having everyone eat is a challenge. I’ve been indulging my Pinterest Passion and found an amazing idea.IMG_0078I started by marbling some clothespins.  Here’s how I did it – I got my clothespins at the Dollar Store.  The rest of the materials for the clothespins, I had at home.  First, I filled a disposable container with water. IMG_0077 Then I drizzled nail polish, layering it in the water. IMG_0079 I dipped each clothespins in the nail polish, adding more as needed.  then I let them dry overnight. IMG_0080 Next, I coated them with a layer of clear gloss (spray paint).  The final thing that I did was add stickers representing the days of the week.

I got the “board” for the menu board at Dollar Tree, as well.  It was a mirror – very light and seemed to be a good size.  I wanted something light and felt that this would be better than a frame with glass and since I was going to put everything on top of the frame, it was perfect.

I used scrapbook paper packet that I got at Target for $1.00 (Dollar Spot) and matched the decor of the living room.  When I bought the paper, I bought 5-6 packages, assuming that I would use the matching paper for other projects.  There were 8 patterns in the packet – one for each day of the week and one for a border.  I figured out how wide my days needed to be and then cut them to size.  I glued all of the “days” paper to a single piece of cardstock for ease in arrangement.  I planned for the “days” part to be a bit more than half of the mirror.  For the other side, I found plastic boxes that had LED string lights in them and cut the box in thirds.  I used the top and bottom portions for the Menu Cards.  I covered them with the border paper.  Behind them I added a solid color blue.  I covered them with contact paper.  Then I put them to the side.IMG_0084I assembled all the pieces on the mirror and taped them down.  Next, I covered the entire board with contact paper.  Glued the braided  ribbon along 3 edges, the flat ribbon along the other edge, and glued the clothespins down.  For this part, I used my glue gun.  Then I glued the card holders down.  Right now, I just have colored cardstock for each of the meals.  I plan on trying out a “laminating” idea using wax paper tomorrow to see how it works.  I LOVE how it turned out.



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