My journey to shoot for the moon.

One of the first things that I tried to make was a kitchen cleaner.  It seemed simple enough, I thought.  So why not give it a try.IMG_2837IMG_2840To make a citrus cleaner you need 3 things:  a glass bottle, white vinegar, and citrus peels. For this batch, I used 1 lemon and 1 grapefruit (that was a little too mushy to eat).  Squeeze the juice from the fruit – or eat the fruit and keep the peel.  Remove as much of the pith and remaining fruit, as possible.IMG_2838

Put the peel in a clean glass jar.  Smash as much as you can into the jar.   My jar didn’t have a ton in it because I only used a little bit of peel.  Then fill the jar so that the peel is covered, with vinegar.

Let the jar sit, sealed, for two weeks or so.  Shake it when you think of it.  When the smell of citrus is stronger than the vinegar, you are good to go.  IMG_2841

IMG_2843Transfer to a spray bottle.

I’ve used it to clean the kitchen, remove labels from bottles (with baking soda).  You can re-use the citrus peels or you can send them down the garbage disposal.  It is a great degreaser, smells great and isn’t full of chemicals.

I know that you are wondering what I did with the lemon and grapefruit juice.  I promise that I didn’t put it down the drain, it went to good use.  But that’s for another post.


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