My journey to shoot for the moon.

My experimentation at making beauty products out of “normal” kitchen ingredients, I found a recipe for a Sugar Scrub for your hands.  It is quite simple and fairly inexpensive.019

The first thing you do is put sugar in a bowl.  Plain, old, white sugar.  I had some from when I stockpiled baking ingredients at Christmas, so I used that.  Sugar is fairly inexpensive.  Through a quick search on the internet, I found 4-5 lb. bags of sugar for between $1.90 and $3.00.  If you are getting it during a “holiday” season, you can often find it cheaper.   The brand does not matter and personally, I would buy whatever is cheapest for the sugar scrub.

I started with 1/2 a cup and put it in a bowl.   To the sugar, I added dish soap.  You want to find one that has a scent that you like and contains a moisturizer .  Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty  is what I had.018

As you can see, I was using it to wash dishes.  My guess is that I bought it on sale with a coupon, at the most I would have spent $5.00 for 20 oz.  However, I found a 10 oz bottle of Palmolive Soft Touch at the Dollar Store and used that to make subsequent batches.

Add the dish soap to the sugar and mix.  I would start with 2-3 TBSP of dish soap per 1/2 cup of sugar.  You want the sugar to be mixed with the soap so that it is almost paste consistency.  You don’t want it too wet.  After it is well-mixed, transfer it to a container with a tight sealing lid.  That’s it.  I figure that the first batch I made was about $0.75 or so and the second batch (where I made twice as much, using the Dollar Store Soap) was $0.25.  I have a container in the bathroom and another one (in an old shampoo bottle) in the kitchen.  I’m hoping to transfer both to bottles with pumps.  It is very gentle on your hands although the sugar is enough of an abrasive to remove paint, stray nail polish, etc.

Someone on Pinetrest likened it to the Peach Satin Hands by Mary Kay; I do think that this copycat version is very good.  However, what I liked about Satin Hands was the cream that you put on your hands prior to using the scrub (it was a three-step process, hand softener, scrub, lotion).  I haven’t figured the hand softener part out yet, but I think that it would make a big difference.  I have some ideas, but will have to try them out before I report on them.   I do have the lotion part figured out and you can look for it in a future post.


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