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High Hopes

At the beginning of this past school year, I was working hard to improve my health.  I was eating a lot of veggies and walking for 15 minutes or so daily.  I was losing weight (I lost a total of 17 lbs.).  I was feeling good.  I was proud of myself.  Many of my friends were posting information about their journey’s with fitness and weight loss.  Through their posts and the posts of already fit friends, I got it into my head that I was going to train for a 5K.  I downloaded the Couch to 5K program and was following it.  I was feeling great.  Until,my foot started to bother me.  I’ve recently written about my broken foot and the difficulties it is causing (you can read about it here).  But I had such plans for the summer!  And this is really making things difficult, if not impossible!

My high hopes for this summer included:

  • Exercising daily – with a “easy” workout one day and a “tough” workout the next.
  • Losing weight/toning up due to the exercising and watching my diet.
  • Walking with (and hopefully training) Sugar.
  • Once and for all getting things cleaned up and organized in the apartment and garage.
  • Setting aside time to craft (scrapbook or quilt or other stuff) every week.

Exercise just isn’t going to happen.  Even when I’m allowed to put weight on my foot, I won’t be allowed to exercise.  I’ll be able to walk, but I won’t be able to push it.  And even if I were able to do “more,”  the boot puts my hips at different heights, so it would probably screw up my back.  I may be able to swim, since that isn’t weight-bearing.  I’ll just have to see what the doctor says.  While I love swimming, I find it harder to get motivated to go to the pool on a daily basis.  It has to do with getting on the swim suit and having to shave.  It seems like a huge hassle just to exercise.

Even when I am able to walk, I won’t be able to train Sugar.  She is quite strong and would be difficult for me to control without being able to plant my feet.  So much for that.

Getting things cleaned up and organized may have been a dream, but now I don’t think that I will even get everything caught up!  Every summer I dream of getting things organized and cleaned up.  I dream of getting rid of all of the “stuff” around here.  Every year something stands in my way.  Two years ago it was pneumonia.  Last year it was…I’m having trouble thinking of what it was last year.  Perhaps lesson planning and the fact that we had to box up everything in my classroom and I had TONS of stuff to go through from the teachers who retired and were kind enough to give me their stuff.  Currently, getting the dishes and the laundry done is a challenge.  Ok, honestly, they were a challenge before.  Now they could be considered an extreme challenge.

Crafting is, in my opinion, a hobby.  I find it hard to participate in a hobby when everything else is a mess.  As of this moment, there is stuff on my dresser that hasn’t gotten put away and my craft table is piled with craft stuff that needs to be organized.  Some of my scrapbooking stuff is in my car because I brought it to school for my students (they did a project for our Pay it Forward unit, but more to come on that later).  I can’t bring anything in because I’m using the scooter and only a few things fit in the basket.  The boys have been bringing stuff in, but I hate to ask them to do too many “extra” things in one day.

Since I’m not supposed to put weight on my foot, it means that everything is a challenge.  I shouldn’t be walking to the bathroom or the kitchen, but it is tough to use the scooter in the apartment and using the crutches causes even more difficulties (like falling).  Things that we all take for granted, like being able to carry my lunch to my chair, is nearly impossible without walking.  Going to the grocery store is a two person job (if I’m one of the people going).  I can’t push the grocery cart.

When I was teaching I was actually able to stay off my foot, but now that I’m home…I feel guilty that I’m not getting more things done, but they are really difficult without putting weight on my foot.  I know that most of you are thinking, “Poor Robin.  She gets the whole summer off.”  With an eye roll and sarcastic tone.  But I had high hopes for this summer and I’m sad that most things won’t happen.


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  1. Don’t feel guilty about asking the boys for help, Robin. How else are they going to learn responsibility and become able to take care of themselves? This is also an exercise in learning compassion. If they can’t have it for you, they’ll never have it for anyone. As for the exercise, shave and go to the pool. It will help you to relax, feel better about yourself, and stay in shape.


    • Heidi – the boys are a great help a lot of the time. But they are kids and I have tried very hard to keep a balance between what I need them to do (because Chris is ill), what they need to do to live in our family, and what is extra. They’ve been an amazing help and support and they’ve also been typical teenagers (AWFUL!).

      As for the pool, as soon as I’m cleared to swim, I will get going on that.


  2. Heidi has a great idea, Robin. Swimming is a great way to stay in shape and lose weight.
    blessings ~ maxi


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