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Pinterest Passion

I signed up for Pinterest quite some time ago.  I didn’t really take any time to explore it because I was too busy.  However, after seeing some friends’ pins on Facebook, I got curious.  Very quickly I discovered that I have a Pinterest Passion.I love looking at the DIY and Craft pins.  I have 200+ pins on my Craft Board, 70+ in Beauty and boards I’ve titled Scrapbooking, Cleaning, Ideas and Inspiration.  I have honestly tried a number of the craft or do it yourself items that I’ve pinned.  I’ve made sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, eye cream, a shaving lotion, an amazing body lotion, the oil cleansing method and a coconut oil deep conditioner.  I’ve made carpet cleaner, citrus cleaner, laundry soap, stain remover and fabric softener.  I’ve played with re-purposing glass jars, chalkboard paint, markers on mugs, removing print from plastic containers, painted vases.  I’ve made  homemade goo gone, deodorizing disks, a scarf holder, vicks shower discs.  I’ve re-grown green onions and planted vegetables in containers.  In the kitchen, I’ve made salted caramel sauce, buffalo chicken for the crockpot, baked hard-boiled eggs, cinnamon roll waffles, flavored water, and substituted Chobani for sour cream.  I’m attempting to grow lemon seeds and an avocado seed.  I plan to try garlic next.

I’ve pinned skirts to sew, an infinity dress and ways to organize.  I have ideas about upcycling tee shirts and shoe boxes.  I have bread machine and freezer to crockpot recipes pinned.

I can spend hours looking through the ideas.  I guess that it is ok, since I’m trying out so many of the ideas.  And some ideas are just dreams.  Everyone needs to spend some time dreaming.

I’ll be posting about some of my do-it-yourself projects, so far they have turned out nicely.


Comments on: "Pinterest Passion" (2)

  1. So glad that you have found something to “take you away” Robin. You need this.
    blessings ~ maxi


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