My journey to shoot for the moon.

Sometimes you’re damned if you do and I guess this is one of those times.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might remember that in December 2011, I wrote a bit about falling on the ice (you can read about it here  and also here).  And, yes, you read that right – December 2011.

It was one of those days in Colorado; a day when it was warm, but there was still ice on the ground from a recent snow.  I don’t think that I was wearing a jacket, but I know that I was wearing a pair of Mary Jane Crocs.   I had gone to pick up Michael from school and had some remaining groceries in the van that needed to come inside.  There were several cases of water.  I clearly rememberDavid taking one.  I took the other.  I remember sliding.  Dropping the water.  Landing on the outside of my foot and going partway under the van.  I remember screaming and crying.  Boys ran.  Chris coming.  Pain.

Chris and the boys helped me  hop to the apartment because I couldn’t put any weight on my foot.  It was already swelling and turning blue.  Tears.  And lots of pain.  When we got inside, the boys got me ice and I sat, with my foot up, in my chair, sobbing.

After 10 minutes or so, when the pain didn’t lessen and the swelling continued, we decided to take a trip to the ER.

The result – nothing broken according to the x-rays.  But, due to the trauma to my foot, I was to use the very attractive flat-bottomed boot until the swelling went down.

The problem was that I was in a lot of pain every time I tried to put weight on my foot.  Chris brought home crutches and I hobbled around.  Just before I started my new teaching job, David went to school with me and because I was exhausted from using the crutches, rolled me around the hallways in a desk chair.  It was funny, but also not so funny.

After several weeks of being careful with it, the swelling went down, the bruising healed and the pain went away.  Well, mostly.  It still ached at times and it was “difficult” if I turned quickly.  But for the most part, things were back to normal.

Fast forward to December 2012…I was walking at school 3+ times a week.  I was losing weight.  I was walking on the treadmill and riding the stationary bike.  I was feeling good!    I don’t remember when I decided that I wanted to run a 5K, but that was my new goal.  I was going to do it safely and carefully.  I was going to follow a program for Couch to 5K.  And I did.

The first week was walking for 5 minutes, then alternating running for a minute and walking for 3 minutes.  I did it.  I felt great.  I was energized and amazingly enough I didn’t hurt the next day.  It was fabulous.  But my foot was aching a bit.  Maybe it was the new running shoes, so I switched to the other new pair (I bought 2 pairs to prepare for all the miles I expected to put on them).  I headed out for a second run.  Again, things were fabulous.  I was so proud.  I was going to do this!

And then it snowed.  A lot.  I couldn’t run outside and the treadmill was broken.  But I wasn’t going to let that stop me.  I rode the bike and I walked at school.  The snow melted and it snowed again.  After a couple of weeks of bike riding and walking, I was ready to start my Couch to 5K.  Since I hadn’t run in a couple of weeks, I started the first week of the program again.

This time, while I felt emotionally high, my foot hurt quite a bit after running.  But, I was tough.  I was motivated.  I found a 5K that I wanted to do and it was 12 weeks away.  I could do this and would push through the pain.  Since the program had you running every other day for a total of 3x a week, the next day was rest.  The following day, I was ready to go again, except while at school, I stepped down and was in excruciating pain.  I actually thought that I was going to pass out.  No run for me that day.  I may have been motivated, but I wasn’t stupid.  Something wasn’t right with my foot.  So, I rested it.  But it didn’t feel better.  It throbbed and ached.

Maybe it was the weather.  It had been snowy and wet.  But the weather cleared up and my foot still hurt.  It didn’t hurt all the time, but every time I thought it was feeling better, I would step down and find myself in pain.


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