My journey to shoot for the moon.

I’ve been remiss. I haven’t updated anyone for quite some time about Chris. I really wanted to wait until the holidays were over, especially since it wasn’t good news.Right before Thanksgiving, they found a new tumor (lesion) in Chris’ brain.  It is on the other side from the three that were found before Christmas 2011 and have been fairly stable.  This tumor was not there in September.  In November it was already 4 mm (larger than the other 3 tumors).  Obviously, this isn’t good.

Chris had spot radiation in December and we are waiting to find out the results (I think we’ll know in Feb. after his next CT).  Chris has some nasty side effects (blurred distance vision and not feeling right)  this time around.  The ER Doc (yes a trip to the ER on Dec. 23) thinks that it was due to the steroids that they had Chris on prior to radiation.  Seeing how they are gone now, that make sense.

However, with the latest rounds of scans in November and December, Chris discovered he can no longer manage the anxiety and claustrophobia he is experiencing while having the scans done.  This means that he needs to be sedated prior to the scans and he is no longer able to drive himself to his scan appointments.  This is going to make things a bit tricky.  So far, one scan was on a Sunday morning and I was able to take Chris and the radiation was during the week and Mike (thank you, thank you, thank you) was able to take Chris.

Several of Chris’ co-workers have volunteered to drive him, so this should allow me to take time off for the actual visits with the oncologist, to get the results of the scans.


Comments on: "James Family Update – January 2013" (12)

  1. Saying prayers for you all to beat this


  2. Uggh…Robin. I am so sorry your family is going through this. You guys are never far from my thoughts.


  3. Oooh Robin, my heart just breaks for you and Chris. Every day is a struggle. Each test, treatment or doctor’s visit is filled with anxiety.

    There are days when you desperately want it to be over … which only brings more pain.

    Hopefully 2013 will bring light and hope.
    Blessings ~ Maxi


  4. That anxiety kinda goes with it , I am surprised it hasn’t happened sooner , for both of you . I am wishing I was closer , cause I would take him and hate every minute of the hospital , but love every minute I had to spend with him . Prayers and hope is what I got . I’ll ramp them up , knowing you all need them more than ever . Tell him I know Doug felt that way too . Maybe that might bring some small measure of peace to know it was and is a shared experience . He too had to be medicated for it . Heck I would have a long time ago . I don’t get to see you much online last 6 plus months , things have been so difficult here as well . I am sorry for that , wish I could be better in this life to others . Working on that one . Just know I never that troubled to not be able to listen . To Pray . To Hope . For You and The Whole Family .


  5. susan chesen said:

    Wow – I am so sorry the news was not better! You and the whole family are in our thoughts everyday – I just wish there was more we could do. I am so happy that Chris has friends to help with the trips – that is always such a relief!


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