My journey to shoot for the moon.

My Wishes for You in 2013

My Wishes for You in 2013


May your cup always be full,

Your days full of joy,

Your pants loose,

And your bank account brimming.

May you sleep soundly,

Live thoughtfully,

And love without bounds.

May your endeavors fulfill you,

And bring others comfort.

May your wishes and dreams inspire you to grow,

And believe in the goodness of others.

May you know contentment,

Friendship and tranquility.

May you find hope,

Light and peace,

Even when days are dark.

May you learn from your mistakes,

Teach others,

And respect effort.

May you celebrate accomplishments,

Yours and others,

And reflect on your conduct;

Your responsibility to leave things better.

May you have no fear of rejection,

Or blunders,

And recognize they expand your view.

May you treasure small moments,

And view the world through innocent eyes.

May you stand for something,

Believe in yourself,

Value honesty,

Make amends for your wrongs,

Accept apologies gracefully,

And show compassion.

May you live in the moment,

Laugh loudly and often,

And love without restraint.

May you live without regret,

And find success.

In unexpected places.

May you sway in the wind,

Bend without breaking,

And stand strong when necessary.

May you create the best year within your power.


Comments on: "My Wishes for You in 2013" (1)

  1. Great list, Robin. May it all come back to you tenfold.
    Blessings ~ Maxi


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