My journey to shoot for the moon.

I missed wishing my Jewish friends a Happy Chanukah – so please accept my apologizes and I hope it was a good one.

For my Christian friends – Merry Christmas!

For my atheist friends – Happy Day! or Happy Winter Solstice or Merry Christmas or whatever you prefer.

For anyone who celebrates something else – I wish you a Happy Holiday.

And to anyone I may have offended with my holiday wishes – I’m sincerely sorry (and please get a life – it isn’t worth it!).

Look for some posts coming over the next couple of weeks…Parenting Beyond Belief (book review), G*d in Our Schools, James Family Update, Random Acts of Kindness, Teaching Romeo and Juliet, Ferrets, Raising Critical Thinkers, Aunt Robin Drops the Ball and maybe a few more.


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