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Random Act of Kindness

Random acts of kindness are a little way to give back.  Recently, Michael and I went for Frozen Yogurt.  I have a Wolverine Card (a discount card I purchased from the High School Cheerleaders) that gets us 1/2 off.In addition to the half off, when you purchase 10 cups of yogurt, you get 1 free.  It just so happened that I paid $7 for our yogurt (for all 4 of us) and then had earned a free yogurt.  I love free things.  However, I was feeling especially generous that night.  There were two young men in line behind us.  They were kind-of scruffy looking.  When I paid for my yogurt, I told the cashier to give them our free one.  She looked surprised, but nodded.

Now, the two guys were quite surprised (we watched from the car).  I am certain that they had never been the recipients of a random act of kindness before.   What a great feeling!  And hopefully they remember that act and pass it on.

Shortly after this, I got a message from a friend of mine in IL (JW) who LOVES to do these kinds of things.  She did a great act of kindness AND sent it to her relative’s old address!  Oops!  She managed to fix it and get it delivered to the new address, but it was a mess.  She seemed to be laughing about the whole thing and she was enjoying herself.

I think that the best thing about random acts of kindness is how you feel after you’ve done one.

What act of random kindness have you done?



Comments on: "Random Act of Kindness" (2)

  1. If that “random act of kindness” made you feel good … imagine how it made the recipient feel?
    Blessings – Maxi


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