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Let me start by saying I am not a Stephen King fan.  I don’t like horror.  In college my roommate and my boyfriend thought they would make me go see the movie Pet Sematary.  I told both of them that it was a bad idea, but they didn’t believe me.  I finally gave in and went.  I spent the entire movie (after the boy gets hit by the truck which happens in the first few minutes) with my eyes tightly shut.

So when my co-worker told me about this book, I thought that there was no way I was going to like it.  But it isn’t Stephen King horror; it is Stephen King Sci-Fi and History.  I love Science Fiction/Fantasy and Historical Fiction so I figured I’d give it a read.

It is a long book and there are a few slow parts.  But the premise is so fascinating that you keep reading.  What would happen if someone were able to go back in time and stop John F. Kennedy’s assassination?

Many of us believe that the world would be a very different place had JFK not been assassinated.  Most of us assume that it would be a better place.  Perhaps it would be, perhaps not.  This is the premise that is explored in the novel.  I believe that King is quite effective with his scenario, especially since the main character tries several times to make things work.  It is the butterfly effect in its simplest form.

It was a book that I read over several days because I couldn’t put it down.  Stephen King is an excellent writer and I really enjoyed this book.  The historical details are quite good and the story of the main character and his personal life is compelling.  There is almost no violence and while there are a few romantic scenes, he doesn’t go into great detail about sex.  It would be a good read for a young adult.  I highly recommend it!


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  1. I just reviewed this book on my blog last night! I get the feeling from reading this that you liked it but not loved it… would it make you read other SK non-horrors?


    • You are correct – I did like it, but didn’t really love it. I read it because the premise was interesting and I like both Sci-Fi and Historical Fiction. I don’t think that the premise would have worked if the world was a better place if JFK had not been assassinated. I’m an optimist. With the political climate in national and local politics, I personally needed some more “fantasy” in my reading material. But it was a good book and I would recommend it – perhaps I’ll try another Stephen King non-horror…

      Thanks for reading and for your comments!


  2. Jessica said:

    Very interesting review. Given that I wasn’t yet born when JFK was assasinated, it is really hard to imagine people actually like their president, let alone believing the world would be a better place now had he lived. I really like that your review gives me the impression that my mother who was alive then would enjoy the ideas in it, but that Timmy could also read it as a period piece and make his own decision.


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