My journey to shoot for the moon.


I didn’t look at my blog while I was on “vacation.” Didn’t glance at it at all. Usually, I check my stats once a day to see how many people are reading. But not while I was taking a break. Today was the first day I looked at the stats while I was on “vacation” and boy was I surprised!For most of the days, there were a few reads.  Some of them came from a site that I follow that is written by a wonderfully inspiring lady who is fighting Lung Cancer and I had recently commented on one of her posts (her posts are well-written and often funny – you can read her blog Life and Breath:  Outliving Lung Cancer – she is also extremely well educated about Lung Cancer, ALK Mutations and treatments).  I generally expect that I will get a reader or two checking things out when I post a comment on someone’s blog.  But I had 45 views on one day.  Considering I didn’t post anything new, that is a TON!  It does look like it was on person reading a bunch of postings for most of it, but there were 20 reads of my home page.

So, I’m puzzled.  There were 19 reads on another day and 12 on a third day.  So, my blog is getting read.  That is wonderful!  I’m excited!  And it doesn’t seem to be one topic they are reading about – they are reading everything.

I hope that you are really enjoying my blog and for those of you who are “new” readers – share it, post comments, “like” or follow.  Let me know who you are, or don’t.  My puzzlement was a pleasant surprise!


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