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Boys’ Beds and Room

One of my projects for this summer was to re-do the boys’ room.   We dismantled the bunk beds they have had since David was 2.  Michael wasn’t waking up (he was on the top bunk) as his alarm clock was getting buried.Originally, I thought that having their beds un-bunked (I know it isn’t a word, but what else would you call it?) would make things easier.  I was wrong.  It was tough to move around in their room.  They had almost no floor space.

We discussed getting the boys new furniture for Christmas.  It didn’t quite happen as planned.  So, I wanted to make it happen over the summer.  After much searching and tons of thinking, I decided that loft beds would be the way to go.  If both boys had their beds off the ground, it would create space in their room to have friends.  The more I thought about it, the better I liked the idea.

My first thought was to look at IKEA.  I really liked the loft bed they had, but they only had it in white.  I didn’t think that I wanted white for the boys’ room.  So I went searching online.  I would have liked to buy wood, but at $700-$800 per bed, that wasn’t going to happen.  I found black beds that were quite similar to the one at IKEA.  I ordered them and they were delivered the day after I arrived home from North Carolina.  Honestly, they were a royal pain in the rear to put together (and I got to do it twice!), but Chris ended up helping and the second one was manageable.

Before I bought the beds, I measured and planned out the room.  When the beds were put together, I realized I made a mistake.  I had planned for the beds to go on each side of the closet door.  But, duh, then you couldn’t get into the closet because, while the closet door would open, there was no way to reach it!  The boys have a walk-in closet and they really need the space, so having no access to the closet was a real issue.  So, we ended up moving more things around to make things work.

The plan was to put their desks under on bed and to get a couch/futon to put under the other.  Again, I found a futon that I liked at IKEA.  However, it would not fit under the loft bed.  So that on was out.  I did a lot of searching to find one that would fit and would be big enough for someone to sleep on (so we would have somewhere for an adult to sleep if they came to visit).  I found one that was in the price range and ordered it.  It was back-ordered and wouldn’t arrive for several weeks.  But the boys’ room was shaping up.  I got them some posters and we waited for the futon to arrive.


Comments on: "Boys’ Beds and Room" (2)

  1. Whew! The problems of change as the kids grow.
    Blessings – Maxi


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