My journey to shoot for the moon.

I know, I said that I was taking a few days off and here I am blogging and posting. it is just one of those things. Since the end of May when I started blogging regularly (again), I have been surprised by the number of people who have been interested in following my blog. Most of them have found me, made some interesting comments and decided to see what I’m up to on a regular basis. This is very rewarding! One of my recent followers, Kristina of TaurusMom Tells The Truth! sent me this blogging “award.”I’m not one to turn down awards.  But this one doesn’t really mean it is an award.  It is more like a chain letter for bloggers.  I give you the award, you complete the requirements and then you “nominate” other people for the award.  However, these awards are fun and seem to connect the blogging community.  So, I’ll play along – there is no harm in continuing or stopping (bad things won’t happen if you don’t continue the award, but neither will all of your wishes come true).

7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

1.  My guilty pleasure is Sims 3.  When I don’t have anything to do, I will play (and play for hours).

My toes – not the best picture and I’m due to re-do my toes, but you get the idea.

2.  I have never had a pedicure.  Well, not never, but I have never had someone give me one.  I don’t like people messing with my feet, so I  do my own pedicures.

3.  I get so ill that I can’t watch a 3D movie (or go on an amusement park ride that has 3D).

4.  I didn’t fill in the blanks in the boys’ baby books.  Somehow I was never able to keep track of their milestones.  I knew that they happened and remembered them over the short-term, but I never wrote them down and I forgot when each one occurred.

5.  I hate driving after dark.  Don’t know why, just do.

6.  I have a hard time falling asleep if Kirby isn’t lying up against me.

7.  The summer between 5th and 6th grade I went to summer camp in New York (I lived in Illinois).  For the talent show I performed as a mime.  Because of my performance, I got a part in the play Really Rosie as Rosie’s Mama (it wasn’t a speaking part).

The final part of the award requires that I share it with 7 other bloggers – so here goes!

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