My journey to shoot for the moon.

My crystal ball shows me that this post is going to be difficult.  It tells me that every time I try to insert a picture of a crystal ball, it won’t save.  It tells me that I will have to write this post several times.  It tells me that I’m going to be quite frustrated by the time this posts…

It also tells me that I won’t be able to attribute the photo to the photographer in the caption.  But I borrowed the photo from Iris Shreve Garrott.  Finally, my crystal ball tells me that writing this post several times is old!  But, wait!  What’s that?  There is something that is appearing…No, it couldn’t be.  But it is.
A look at future posts on LandAmongTheStars.
Seriously, I’ve decided to take a few days off from posting.  The boys have Chris and I running around on Saturday and I want to get a few things done.  I also have been inconsistent with my writing (not that you’ve noticed because I’ve been posting every day), some days I write 2-3 posts and other days, I’ll write nothing.  That isn’t going to work if I want to have material “saved” for days when things are crazy and I don’t get to write.  So, I’m going to take the next few days and write without posting and try to get in a good habit.
However, here is a little glimpse of the topics I will be working on over the next several days and you can expect to see in the next month or so:
Making Cherry Jam
Cherry Pit Vinegar
The Secret Garden
Futon Fallibility
The Boys’ New Room
The Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
Hearing Aides
Stop Sugar. Stop! (aka:  The Chase)
Cheese Blintzes and Cherry Blintzes
Ham and Cheese Crepes
Cheesy Italian Chicken
French Toast Casserole
Making Yogurt Cheese
The State of the Schools
And much, much more.  Stay Tuned!  I hope to be posting again Wednesday, so I’ll see you then.

Comments on: "A Glimpse Into The Future" (1)

  1. Hope you get a little rest somewhere in all that running. I remember it well.
    Blessings – Maxi


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