My journey to shoot for the moon.

My Dad

Today is Father’s Day.  The first since I started blogging.  I haven’t written much about my parents.  But today I’m going to write about my dad because, like the last few years, the Father’s Day cards didn’t get in the mail on time.It isn’t that I didn’t have stamps this year (a problem several years ago) and it isn’t that I didn’t get to the store to buy them.  It was, I don’t know.  And I know that when he doesn’t get the cards his feelings are hurt.  Then I feel guilty.  I love my dad.  So, Dad here’s to you!

One of the favorite memories I have of my dad is him taking me to the mall.  Generally, he took me for lunch or ice cream and we would hang out.  My dad did this when I was a teenager and didn’t necessarily want to be seen with him.  But I also recognized that it was our special time.  It happened, maybe every 3-4 months.

The trip that I remember the most was us going to the candle store at the mall.  My favorite color was purple (it still is) and I loved fantasy creatures.  I also loved going into the candle store.  I had my eye on a purple Pegasus.  I don’t remember how much he cost, but I do remember that I didn’t have the money to buy him.

Most of the time, Dad and I window shopped.  We didn’t buy anything.  It was time for us to spend together.  He would stand around with me while I looked at clothes and other “girly” things.  It couldn’t have been fun for him, but he never complained.  I’m not sure that he even did that for my mom.

But this particular trip,  my dad bought me the candle.  I remember feeling so very special and loved, not because my dad bought me something, but because he spent time with me looking at things he had no interest in.  He probably didn’t understand why I fell in love with the Pegasus and it was a totally frivolous interest.  But he never said anything about it, he just told me to get it.

Even though I make fun of you all the time (especially when you claim you aren’t sleeping and you are), I love you Dad.  Thank you for being there.  Thank you for being my dad.  Happy Father’s Day!  Enjoy your nap!


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