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Baby Chicks

Michael, my youngest, is an animal lover.  Recently he has decided that he wants to be a vet.  I think that is a good career for him as animals tend to respond well to him.A couple of weeks before school let out in May, I got a text from a friend that we carpool with.  It said, “you should come in to see the chickens.”  Chickens?  Sure enough, chickens.  Babies.  Three of them.  I still don’t know why they got chickens, but they did.  As pets (Can you see the mystified look on my face?  If you can’t, trust me it is there.).

I am not an animal lover.  It isn’t that I hate animals.  I just don’t care for them.  Except for dogs.  Probably because I grew up with dogs.  But as you know, from reading past postings, I don’t care for the hamster (we are down to one).  I do have a fish, but he isn’t a touchy, feely type of pet.  He is relaxing to watch and requires minimal care.

But chickens?  I can see how baby chicks would be cuddly and fun to hold.  But what happens when they get bigger?  I just can’t picture it.  Maybe it is just me.  Michael seemed to like them.


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  1. The look on Michael’s face says it all. Even with his head down, Michael’s joy shines.
    Blessings – Maxi


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