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I’ve just gotten back from North Carolina and have TONS to write about.  In fact, I spent about a half hour yesterday “jotting” down notes so I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to write!  In NC, I didn’t get on a computer (except to print my boarding pass).  I did read my email and peeked at Facebook, but I didn’t spend much time online.  Friday morning I wanted to post an update about Chris’ cancer, since he saw the oncologist on Wednesday.  So, I got on the internet.  My Yahoo page comes up when I connect to Firefox and local news is at the top.  I wasn’t planning on reading the news today.  I wasn’t planning on spending much time blogging either.  But one of the headlines caught my eye.  SIDEWALK CHALK ART AGAINST THE RULES IN STAPLETONReally??  Basically, the HOA (Homeowners association) is trying to rule that using sidewalk chalk in the common areas (like sidewalks) is distracting and offensive.  Offensive?  By a 3-year-old?  Don’t these people have better ways to spend their time?  Sidewalk chalk art generally washes away when it rains so it isn’t permanent.  No one is stuck with it for long-term.  The child isn’t drawing on anything but the sidewalk, so she isn’t destroying property.  The article, by CBS News, states that some think that what this child is doing is criminal.  Criminal?  It is harmless, summer fun.  In a nation that is bemoaning the impact of video games, TV, computers and obesity, especially in young children, there are complaints about sidewalk chalk.  Stapleton is supposed to be, according to their website, ” a refreshing alternative to the suburban model … a place where all kinds of homes and all kinds of people exist happily, synergistically, together.”

What is even more surprising to me, is that Stapleton has a Public Art program.  In a time when art and music are being cut in elementary schools, the Stapleton Community supports art.  The art in the community is beautiful.  This is  The Picnic by Gerald Heffernon (picture courtesy of Gerald Heffernon)

Sculpture-The Picnic

However, let’s say for a moment, I don’t like dogs.  Could I say that this was offensive and distracting?  Of course I could, I am entitled to my opinion.  But would my complaint carry as much weight as the complaint about impermanent sidewalk chalk?

You can read the entire article from CBS here.

Let me know what you think.  Is using sidewalk chalk a criminal act?


Comments on: "Using Sidewalk Chalk a Criminal Act??" (4)

  1. Tia Boswell said:

    It is not a criminal act. If it bothers others they should just turn on the hose.


  2. taurusmom18 said:

    Not a criminal act at all! It’s a great way to get kids to go outside and play instead of spending their whole lives inside and in front of a TV! People are ridiculous.


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