My journey to shoot for the moon.

On Wednesday, Chris saw the oncologist.  I am still a bit blown away by what was reported, but here goes. . . the scans show no malignancy in his lung.  This is obviously good news.  However, the tumors in his brain remain unchanged.

I was still in North Carolina, with the boys, visiting my parents on Wednesday, so I did not get to go with Chris.  He’s not one for talking on the phone and he sounded exhausted, so I didn’t get to ask many questions.

I arrived home from NC on Thursday (the boys are staying another week and get home next Friday) and got to speak with Chris.  I am still perplexed.

Chris said that the doctor did not make a big deal about the radiology report, but did get copies for Chris so I could see them. They are continuing the same treatment and that is about it.  What I totally don’t get is, if we know that the tumors were in his lungs in April, and that they were unchanged (and have basically remained unchanged for over a year), how is there no sign of malignancy now?  Nothing has changed in Chris’ treatment.  It wasn’t like the tumors were getting smaller and now they are gone.  It has me quite confused.

Don’t misunderstand me, the news is positive.  I just don’t get it.  I almost feel like we started at Point A and now are at Point C but skipped Point B.  My brother is on vacation this week and I will “bother” him when he gets back and either read him the reports or have Chris fax them to me.  Then, perhaps, he can explain this to me.  Then I’ll see if I can explain it to everyone else.


Comments on: "Chris’ Cancer Update – June 2012" (7)

  1. Heidi Ross said:

    Melanoma, which my husband had, tends to travel through the blood stream. It may start at a site on the skin but can go anywhere. Maybe this cancer has the same tendency. The fact that it is in Chris’s brain is not at all a good thing, but then, maybe it will leave and go somewhere else…or maybe it will disappear altogether. Confusing, I know.


  2. queenofchaosmom said:

    I have no idea about this stuff and it does sound confusing. I will continue to keep your family and you in my thoughts and prayers. I will definitely be saying a prayer of thanks that you are at point C skipping point B. Ride this wave of good news, my friend…ride the wave since we both know that we have to grab them when we can.


  3. Maybe it’s time to see a doctor like the one in Texas that uses a different method . This guy fought to keep his treatment from the hands of the FDA and government stealing it . His first treatment was of brain cancers in children and since then he has expanded it and seen very positive results . Don’t take this wrong , but mainstream doctors like your brother will say negative things about it . But here is the deal , Doug was going to try this , if only I knew back then what I know now , he might be here .


  4. Oh Robin, you must be beside yourself with confusion. My prayers are with you that answers soon will come that make sense.

    Blessings – Maxi


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