My journey to shoot for the moon.

My Students

I know that many teachers fall in love with their students and I am no exception. I taught 3 classes from January until May and I had a total of 25 students.  Many of them touched my heart.  A few of them made me angry.  And I’ll admit that I shed more than a few tears for some of them.  Each and every one of them helped me on the road to become an excellent teacher.

My first class, English Strategies II (Special Education English for Sophomores) was a handful.  There were 12 students in this class and 10 of them were boys.  They were loud, active, outspoken and often disruptive.  However, they taught me how to manage a class.  They pushed and pushed and I had to set limits.  But they made me laugh, a lot.  I loved seeing them first thing in the morning and I loved messing around with them.  Most of my “favorite” students were in this class.

My fifth period class was also English Strategies II.  However, this was a class of 5 boys.   These boys could make me tear my hair out and I was often exhausted after teaching their class.  They taught me how to use my teaching time to the best of my ability and to differentiate instruction.

My seventh period class was Reading/Writing Strategies.  This was an elective course and had both Sophomores and Juniors.  This was my favorite class.  These kids were awesome and taught me how to relax and enjoy my teaching.  They were so much fun and they were generally easy to teach.  I don’t have stories about individual students in this class, but I have stories about their class.  This was the class that I taught for my formal observation.

While I’ve only been teaching for a few months, these students taught me that I can touch their lives and make a difference.  I hope that as you read about them, that they will touch your lives as they’ve touched mine.  Look for posts about them over the next couple of weeks.


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