My journey to shoot for the moon.

I’ve been trying to cook the last few days, as school is done for me.  Michael has 3 more days and then he will be done and David finished before I did.  I’m trying to use up some of the things in the freezer and buying things on-sale, on clearance and with coupons.  David must be growing again, as he is eating us out of house and home!

When I was at the store, I found a seasoning packet for chicken that I thought he would like.  So I bought it.  Last night I made it for dinner.  I thought that I had this great dinner planned out.  Here is what I made –

The seasoning packet was, I believe $0.89. I had to add soy sauce, sugar and water to the seasoning (about $0.50 worth).  I used chicken thighs that I de-boned (I think I had 2.5 lbs when I was finished – the package was $3.50).  They were $3.50 for the bag.  I made rice (2 cups) which was about $.50.  I added a package of pepper strips ($1.00).  I also made some sugar cookies that I had in the freezer ($1.75 on clearance – $0.75 coupon = $1.00).  Yes they are snowmen, but they taste the same as any other sugar cookie, and there were 24 in the package. . .

I was cooking and thinking about how great this dinner would be.  The whole thing cost under $10 and we even had cookies!  It smelled great, it looked good and the bonus was that the recipe said you could make it spicy by adding Crushed Red Pepper (which is a major bonus in my house).  Chris was hungry so even though it was “Chinese” he was happy.

And it was good.  Chris said that it wasn’t his favorite, but he didn’t think it was too bad.  Michael thought it was “not bad,” but David didn’t like it.  Would figure.  I liked it and even added some Red Pepper.  We had at least 2 servings left over (David had some and then heated up some leftover chili).  Chris had a little issue with the Red Pepper and managed to dump a whole bunch on his dinner, so we tossed that and he got a new plate.  If he hadn’t, we would have had 3 servings leftover.  So the total cost was less than $10 and we got more than 7 servings (Chris and I had seconds).  It would have been a fabulous, low-cost meal.  But David didn’t like it and that means it probably isn’t worth it to make again, as he is my big eater right now.

Wouldn’t it just figure!

Do you have a favorite, low-cost recipe?  Please share!


Comments on: "A Low-Cost, Tasty Dinner (Or So I Thought)" (2)

  1. Box of stove top -Aldi- 1.25. Pork on sale 1 pound -3.99 I think. 2 ounces cranberry bulk foods 25 cents, and frozen veggies 1.25. Cook Pork in pot, add water, and butter as per instructions, then add in veggies, boil, add stove top and cranberrys. Served 4 with left overs. :-). Miss you!!!


    • Oh Terri, I miss you too! I wish we had Aldi here, but they aren’t in Colorado. The combination of Aldi and Sprouts (Farmer’s Market Store with good, cheap produce – and organic stuff) would lower my grocery bill. Especially with how David is eating!


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