My journey to shoot for the moon.

Checking-In 2/24

Chris seems to be handling the radiation well.
It snowed here in Colorado and my 20 minute drive to work yesterday was 2 hours long. It was really something. Schools had 90 minute delays, but that doesn’t count for teachers.
I’m teaching one class (Friday) and subbing in 2 others then heading with a co-worker to a Transition//Tri IEP Meeting at the Middle School. Thankfully, I get to count this as “observation” and use it towards Professional Development Time.
Battling a bit of fatigue – not been sleeping well – and am deciding to go to be rather than working on my blog. So, I plan to do some writing this weekend. But wanted everyone to know we were fine and that I have run out of blog posts to share and have to write more. It may be a few days before one shows up – so don’t worry.


Comments on: "Checking-In 2/24" (1)

  1. Hi Robin — glad to know that you and the family are well. Especially, the news about Chris and the radiation treatments. Your fatigue is there between each line…

    My prayers are with you – Maxi


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