My journey to shoot for the moon.

At the end of the day, I walked to the office to turn in my slips from subbing.  This is important because this is how I get paid for the extra teaching I do.  I told the Principal’s Secretary that it was AWFUL!  And my supervisor, an Assistant Principal, was nearby.  He said, “Oh, that was you.  The student told me much of what he did.  So he did own up to it.  Don’t worry about doing the paperwork now.  It’ll wait until Monday.”  He was laughing a little when he told me that the student admitted what he had done.

Over the weekend I wrote up the Referral.  The page explaining what happened was a complete page, typed.  The reasons for the referral were numerous:  unsafe behavior, harassment of a teacher, disrupting class, defiant behavior, and honestly, I don’t remember what else I marked.

I turned the paperwork in on Monday morning and my Administrator looked at it.  He had a meeting with the parent and the student.  When he was talking with the student, he said, “I know this teacher.  Mrs. James teaches in our building.  She teaching English and she was doing us a favor by subbing in Woods.”  Apparently, the student was shocked that I was a regular teacher and not a sub.  The Administrator continued, “Can you understand how she might have been feeling when she told you to go to your seat?  She was probably afraid that you would get hurt.  She didn’t want that.”  The student (and his parent) admitted that I was right in being concerned.  He admitted that he was difficult and out of line.

He was suspended for the day.  It goes on his record.  And my Administrator used it as a teaching tool for this student.  I think all of that was fair.

Now, for the teacher.  I met with my Administrator and showed him the lesson plans.  I told him that I thought that I (not personally, but anyone who was subbing in there) was set up for failure.  That the students were set up for failure and that specifically, the student who got in trouble was set up to fail.  My Administrator agreed.  He felt that having students for 90 minutes in shop class with nothing to do (and power tools around) was not appropriate.  He was going to talk with the department.  So, maybe something good will come of it.


Comments on: "Whoopee: Substituting in Woodworking Part 3" (2)

  1. heidi ross said:

    That little weasel deserved more than a one-day suspension.


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