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Manageable Monday

After saying thanks for not having 2nd period on Valentine’s Day, I prepared to face the students.  The first class of the day is always a bit difficult because the kids don’t want to be out of bed after getting to sleep in over the weekend.  My Monday 2nd period class would be difficult at any time of the day.  However, a couple of kids were missing and it was a bit quiet.  Although my Drama Queen was, well, performing.She claimed that she hurt her back.  She claimed she was in a lot of pain.  But she wasn’t playing the part very well.  And since it is always something with her, I tried to ignore it.  She moaned and groaned throughout class.

I had the kids do a Prediction Activity relating to the novel we are reading.  I wanted them to make 2 predictions and to give evidence as to why they thought that those things might happen.  My Drama Queen only did one.  Most of the other kids did the entire assignment.  And for an assignment like this there is no true right or wrong answer.  You think what you think.  As long as you can tell me why you think that, and you did the entire assignment, I gave full credit.  It is no wonder that she is failing my class.  She must be actively trying not to pass because I have given the class so many options to earn extra credit and improve their grades.

The class, for the most part, was good.  At one point I had to tell a student that I didn’t want to have to send him to the library.  But the kids are policing themselves.  When one of them gets a little out of line, another student will remind them about the library.  Or “shush” them.  So, I’d say, for the most part, it is working.  I don’t expect the kids to be perfect.  I just want the environment to be one in which I can teach and they can learn.

Grades get posted this week, so we’ll see what happens when the kids know their grades (there is 1 D, 1 F, 1 B and the rest are A’s).


Comments on: "Manageable Monday" (1)

  1. You’re certainly doing something right with those grades, Robin. Great job!

    Blessings – Maxi


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