My journey to shoot for the moon.

Fruitful Friday

Friday I got up and discovered, to my disbelief, that the cold I have been fighting was winning. I didn’t feel so bad, but my voice was going and my throat hurt. My voice was probably several octives deeper than usual.

I took some Musinex and headed into work. Originally I had planned to have read to my students and have them continue working on their packets that related to the book we are reading. But the idea of talking that much with my throat hurting didn’t appeal to me. So, I told the students that I just wasn’t up to reading aloud. After hearing me talk, I don’t think they were surprised. I had them work on some of the pages in their packets and then move on to independent work. They did amazingly well.

Most of the students worked hard, some hardly worked, but my classroom was not overly loud. The kids were helping each other (or copying – in some cases I’m not sure). They weren’t goofing around. They weren’t making a ton of noise. And if anyone walked in, it would be like any normal high school classroom.

I think that we are on our way. I am resting this weekend and hoping to be feeling much better by Monday. I plan on teaching our novel for most of the class and then work on teaching some basic writing skills. If I am not feeling up to talking the whole period, I may see if the kids want to read to themselves for a while or in small groups. Most of my students don’t read well aloud and I never make them read aloud for that reason.

I guess, at this point, I’d have to say, to be continued. . .


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  1. Oh Robin, my heart is with you, it’s Valentine’s Day and I hope you feel better. May today bring you lots o’ love and care.

    Blessings – Maxi


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