My journey to shoot for the moon.

Snow 2/4/12

As most people are aware, Colorado (Denver Area) got a ton of snow yesterday.  We got enough snow that they closed the schools.  Although that isn’t all that unusual.  It started snowing Thursday night and continued through Saturday morning.  Michael has a soccer game this afternoon, so I went out a little bit ago to see if I could clean off the car and if we could get out of the parking lot.  The snow is melting already, as the sun is out.  I was wearing my winter coat and gloves and was overdressed.

Here is what my car looked like –

My Van after the Snow

I didn’t take a picture of the back of the van, but the snow is up to the bumper.

Neither Chris or I went anywhere on Friday.  We didn’t go out and clean off the cars.  Yet, here is a picture of his car.  I took it right after I took the picture of my car.

Chris' Van after the Snow

If you look to the car to the right of Chris’ in the picture, you’ll notice that there wasn’t any snow on the car at all.  Now I don’t know if they cleaned off their car, or the snow melted, but by looking at just their car you wouldn’t know that it had snowed.

I spent nearly 30 minutes outside trying to clean off the car.  And this is what it looked like when I was done.

After cleaning

I even had to shovel behind the van so I wouldn’t get stuck when I tried to pull out.

The snow will be with us for a bit, although the sidewalks and streets have no snow.  After the plowing and the melting, you can see pavement.  This is one of the amazing things about Colorado.  And to go to the soccer game, I’ll bring a light jacket because we will be leaving after the sun goes down and it will start to cool off.  Right now I could go out in short sleeves and not be cold.  Unless I was playing in the snow.


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