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Hot and Cold

We have an ongoing issue at our place.  Someone is either hot or cold.  If Chris is cold and turns up the heat, I end up sweating to death.  But, if he is warm and turns on the fan, I am freezing.  It would be funnier, if one of us wasn’t so uncomfortable.  We all know what is coming when someone asks, “Is it (cold/hot) in here?”

I tend to run hot.  If people are cold at school, I am usually comfortable.  If they are hot, I am very, very warm.  I always bring a sweater, but it is unusual for me to put it on.  My classroom tends to run warm and in the afternoon when the sun comes in the skylights, I end up feeling pretty warm.

At home, if I’m cold, I get more clothes, a blanket, the heating pad or take a hot bath.  With my foot bothering me, being cold has happened more frequently.  Sometimes it is the icing of my foot that is causing me to be cold and sometimes it is the pain.  There was one day that I was sitting in my chair with a sweater and 4 blankets and still shivering.  (And yes, my thyroid was checked quite recently, and I am on meds. and everything is fine.)   I also turned the heat up 2-3 degrees and I was still cold.  I only warmed up when I went to pick Michael up from school and turned the heat up all the way in the car.  Of course, when Chris got home he complained that it was hot.  I had just gotten comfortable.

If I am hot, I will put on shorts and a tank and still be sweating.  Often times, I am hot because Chris is cold and has turned up the heat.  However, sometimes the boys are cold along with Chris and I am on fire. It seems that we can’t find a happy medium around here.

One day last weekend Chris thought that it was cold in the apartment.  I thought it was hot.  I put on summer clothes and he turned up the heat.  When he was comfortable, I was sweating.  Of course he was sitting at his computer and I was cleaning.  A couple of hours later, I was freezing and he was comfortable.  So, I took a hot bath and warmed up.  After my bath, I was quite comfortable.  A couple of hours later and Chris asked, “Is it cold in here?”  Such is life in the James Household.


Comments on: "Hot and Cold" (2)

  1. Tia boswell said:

    Did you know married couples biggest arguement is about the temperature and the second is money. Or is it the other way around.


  2. Oh Robin, this sounds sooo familiar. Such is the difference in people…

    Blessings – Maxi


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