My journey to shoot for the moon.

Six Degrees of Separation

Everyone knows about Six Degrees of Separation.  The fact that we are all connected in one way or another.  A few days ago, I posted about our connection to Donna Royer, the woman who was shot and killed by her ex-husband, in the parking lot of McDonald’s in Parker, Colorado.  Her current boyfriend was our karate instructor several years ago.  His cousin was also one of our instructors.  And I found out that the cousin’s younger brother is one of my students.  This is not something that I would have figured out, except that my student, in his All About Me Project, put his brother’s last name.  My student’s last name is different from his brother’s and that is why I didn’t immediately connect them.

The connection, while a somewhat distant one, is there.  When I asked about his relation to our former karate instructors, he told me the family relationships.  Then he asked if I knew what had happened to his cousin (I did).

The physical world is so large, but technology makes it so much smaller.  With the internet we can connect with people all over the world and find commonalities.  And connections.

I asked two of my classes to do a writing assessment to the prompt:  If I could change the world this year . . .  Several wrote about connections.  Many wrote about tolerance.  And they write with the enthusiasm of youth, believing that it is possible to change the world.  Personally, my ambitions are much smaller.  I want to make connections with my students (I have 25 total) and help them improve their lives through education.  Maybe then they will be able to change the world.


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