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Gourmet New Year

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New Year's Eve 2010

Last year we had Fondue for New Year’s Eve. We had chicken broth and cheese fondue for dinner and chocolate fondue for desert.  It was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of work.  I think that the best part about it was that we laughed a lot.  I also LOVE cheese fondue.

This year, I decided we would do something a bit different.  We went to Mike and Courtney’s for Thanksgiving and they had some cheese and crackers for appetizers.  Both boys seemed to really enjoy the cheese (not that I’m surprised).  With my foot still causing me difficulties (it is still quite bruised), I wanted to do something easy for New Year’s Eve.

Brie with Honey and Walnuts

So, I decided that we’d do some cheeses and crackers, meat tray, veggies, shrimp, hot wings, jalapeno poppers and fondue for dessert.  I got some help at the store, the Chef looked over what I picked out and said I did pretty good.  She suggested that I buy some Brie, which I did.


We ate finger food most of the night.  I forgot to make the potato bites, but no one noticed.


The meats were summer sausage (the boys asked for it), salami (but unfortunately not Kosher, as I couldn’t find any) and pepperoni.


Chris got some wine and some champagne.  We had a great time.

We also had leftovers for several days, which was wonderful!



Comments on: "Gourmet New Year" (1)

  1. Yummy! I wanna come to your house on New Years.

    Blessings – Maxi


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