My journey to shoot for the moon.

My first day as a high school teacher went pretty well.  The kids were as I expected and besides having my classes a bit sleepy, the day was fairly uneventful.One student, who was always late when I was subbing, amazingly made it to my class on-time!  My class for 7th period worked very hard on their About Me Projects and really should only need one more day of working before they start finishing.  This is good because they were working hard.  This is bad because it gives me less time to figure out what I’m going to do next.  So, tomorrow I will be working on what I will be doing with them next week, since it won’t be this project.

My 5th period class went as I expected.  The boys were a bit pokey with their projects.  My ELL (English Language Learner) was the biggest surprise though.  When I gave the boys their project outline/expectations he was only somewhat paying attention.  When I told them to get laptops to start working on their projects, he shook his head “no.”  I told him, “yes.”  Then I told him that he could do this project, but I didn’t expect him to work on it alone.  I would help him.  He chose to do a PowerPoint.  We used PhotoBooth to take his picture.  I showed him how to work with PowerPoint.  We went through the outline, with me explaining in simple terms and re-explaining as necessary.  After the second slide, he continued working even when I got up to help other students.  By the third slide he was pulling pictures off the internet and pasting them in his project.  He won’t have pictures of his family (didn’t expect that he would – he doesn’t have access to take them), but the remainder of his project is very, very similar to the rest of the class.  He has one slide left:  his goals, what he plans to do after high school and what career he thinks he will pursue.  The other boys in the class have a lot of work to do, while this student is almost finished.  Go figure.  He should finish quickly on Thursday (although we have Vision and Hearing Screenings, so that will eat up class time) and we will then start working on teaching him to read.  But today proved to me that there is more going on in his head than anyone thought.  He doesn’t read well, but he is getting more than he has been given credit for.  I just hope that he continues to come to class.

Finally, the big surprise of the day.  I was pulling into the parking lot when I got a text from David.  It said, “Your flowers are on the kitchen table.”  I thought, “what flowers?”  Sure enough, there were flowers on the table for me.  They are shades of purple and pink – my two favorite colors.  I thought for a moment and still couldn’t figure out who had sent me flowers.  Then I read the card.  The flowers were from a FlyLady friend from Illinois.  I was so surprised.  And touched.  Here is the card –

Jessica, thank you so much!  It was a wonderful and thoughtful thing for you to do.  I’m tearing up typing this so I’m going to stop – here are the pictures of the flowers – thank you for celebrating my accomplishment.  It means more than you know.


Comments on: "First Day Recap and Surprise" (2)

  1. Doesn’t sound uneventful to me. Usual latecomer shows up on time; class works hard on About Me Project; ELL surpasses expectations and…

    Those beautiful flowers!!

    Blessings – Maxi


    • Thank you for making me change my perspective. It was an amazing day. I can’t wait to see what today brings. The flowers make me smile every time I see them. And they smell really good too.


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