My journey to shoot for the moon.

David was able to come to the High School with me and help me arrange the entire room.  We did shove some things in my cabinet.  I hope that I will be able to get to them during the first week of school.  I’m also waiting to find out if the building will be open on Jan. 2 so that I can finish arranging things and make copies.  Otherwise, I will need to get to school very early on the 3rd.

Currently there are no posters on my walls.  I did buy a few things and hope to get them together in the next day or two.  I have crates for the kids to keep notebooks (for writing) in and folders for Independent work.  I need to pick up some more file folder labels.  I have a number of things that I will leave for the copy room staff, but there are some things that I will need the first day.

My classroom has an enormous panel of skylights.  It is, I think the best thing about the room.  I am certain that with Colorado weather, I won’t need to turn on the lights every day.  The bad thing about my classroom is that it has a chalkboard.  That in itself wouldn’t be bad, the bad part come in because my classroom ONLY has a chalkboard.  No whiteboard, just a chalkboard.  Apparently, the chalkboard/blackboard was first used around 1801 (the information on the history of the chalkboard/blackboard was very interesting and you can read it here).  It is sad that more than 200 years later there is still one in my classroom, especially when there are newer and better options.  But, I am not going to bemoan what is.  The one thing that I asked Chris for, for Christmas, was a chalkholder.  I knew that it wouldn’t be easily found as I am sure that there are few schools that still use chalkboards.

The Stikkiworks Co. STK33010 Plastic Chalk HolderChris did find one.  Mine is silver and I can’t wait to use it.  But it is a strange thing for me to be excited about – a chalkholder.  Now if it were a SMARTBoard or something like that, it might make sense.  But I suppose that if I am excited and happy about the little things, it will make my job more enjoyable.  I also will be thrilled and ecstatic over the big stuff.

Comments on: "It Is the Little Things – Like a Chalkholder" (3)

  1. It is 7:20am Jan.2 and I wonder if the building is open … so you can add your new chalk holder.

    It will always be the simple things in life that make us most happy.


    • Hi Maxi –

      It is now 8:20 am here and I still haven’t heard. So, I’m working on some chores around here – have a loaf of bread in the bread machine. If I don’t get to go over there today, I’ll head over early tomorrow – there isn’t much that HAS to be done before the students come in (some copying, mostly). But I’d like to have as much done as possible. I will feel disorganized if I don’t.


  2. I love chalkboards and still see many of them around here anyway. Just think how awesome it is that you can get a whole bucket of rainbow colored chalk at any Dollar Store and let the kid’s imaginations adore your choice of colors without that nasty smelly marker and yucky dry erase board spray.

    I love that you love the little things. I so do, too. I am self-professed office supply junkie and I haven’t been in a teacher supply store in quite awhile or I am sure I would have a whole new collection of goodies to stare at. At least you got the practical item like a chalk holder that could be used repeatedly. I tend to get the stuff and then forget about it.

    Here’s wishing you smooth surfaces to walk on all day, an unswollen foot that is painfree all evening after work, a delicious dinner awaiting you when you get home and very happy and ready to learn students in your classes. You’ve got it this, Robin! Get out there and enjoy this long awaited and much deserved teaching opportunity.


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