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Undecorated, Unwrapped Holiday

This is the first year, ever, that I haven’t put up the Christmas tree. There are no decorations to be found in our apartment besides the “Let It Snow” sign that is on our door. There isn’t a snowman or ornament to be found. And Christmas has come and gone.

To be honest, I don’t care about Christmas. I was raised as a cultural Jew. Christmas isn’t my thing. But there weren’t any Hanukkah decorations in our apartment, either. And the menorah stayed packed in the garage.

The boys haven’t believed in Santa since the year Chris was diagnosed.  And they aren’t being raised as Christians.  As for Chris, he never practiced a religion, although his mom and sister are Catholic.

I thought that I would do a little decorating this year. I bought new tree lights, since I think that the old ones were not working. I figured I’d get the Menorah and the tree and the stockings. I thought that I’d put fewer ornaments on the tree, because they are a pain.

Originally, I thought that on the boys’ last day of school we’d go to the garage and get all the stuff. The next day (Friday), I planned on working in my classroom with the boys, having lunch and then going home to decorate.

Except, that Monday night I fell. I think that falling (and the subsequent pain in my foot) put me over the edge I had been hanging on. I just didn’t want to decorate. With my foot, decorating became a chore that was much too hard for me to do. So, I didn’t do it.

We had decided, before my fall, that we were going to have a quiet Christmas and Hanukkah. The boys were getting new linens for their beds. They got new computers in March and that was part of this year’s Christmas presents. And in Feb. or March of this year, we would get them new furniture. The furniture they have is the stuff we got when I Michael was 2. It is primary colors and they have really outgrown it. They got the Star Wars game they wanted when it came out, last week. And really, they didn’t need or want anything.

I did pick up some stocking stuff for the boys and Chris, but it is all little stuff and mostly candy. I did get us all new pajamas, but I actually considered skipping that as well. The boys tend not to sleep in pajamas, so I wasn’t sure that it was worth the money. But since I got such deals at Old Navy (see  post on Old Navy), I figured what the heck.

The stockings, however, were still in the garage. And the couple of things I got the boys, I decided I wasn’t going to wrap. Chris’ presents, the few that I got him,were unwrapped. And I owe him a bottle of wine, which I was going to pick up, but then it snowed. My foot and the snow don’t mix well and walking in the snow causes more pain. So, his wine will have to wait until I can get out safely, or my foot is feeling much better.

I didn’t take the boys to get me a gift. Chris didn’t either. They did get him a little something during one of our trips out, but it wasn’t a big deal.

I did cook a turkey for Christmas Eve. It is an easy thing to prepare in my roaster. We had stuffing with it. And there is a ham for a couple of days after Christmas.

Instead of doing our usual fondue for New Year’s Eve, we had already decided we would do gourmet cheeses and meats and crackers, a veggie tray and a couple other finger food items. We figured that we’d end the night with chocolate fondue.

I’m not sure that I’ve really missed anything by not putting up the decorations. The kids didn’t care. And while Chris noticed, it wasn’t something he was willing to take on.

Christmas was just another day in our house. Nothing special here.  And you know what, I’m ok with that.


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  1. I did the same thing last year and didn’t miss it a bit. This year I had the grandest plans of having that tree up on December 1st. But life spun out of control and nothing got done until AFTER the boys opened their gifts and left for their dad’s (where the tree had been up for awhile). Were it not for my friend’s 10 year old daughter and my intention to have my sweet Scott come over and see the tree, we never would have had a tree this year. And like you, I am fine with that.

    In this reckless economy and trying times, I think many people are struggling with the day to day things and the last thing they can handle is anything else added onto their plate. I don’t want to do the things everyone seems to say YOU HAVE TO… I don’t want to be like everyone else.


  2. Your family was together … can’t get more decorated than that.


  3. You’re kidding – we have fondue every New Years Eve too! Must be a cousin thing!


  4. […] might remember that in December 2011, I wrote a bit about falling on the ice (you can read about it here  and also here).  And, yes, you read that right – December […]


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