My journey to shoot for the moon.

Sometimes you just have to laugh. Even when you want to cry.

Chris and I went to the University of Colorado Hospital to meet with the Oncologist. We do this every other month (he goes every month, but I only go after scans, which are done every other month). We almost always drive separately since we head in different directions after his appointment.

They have been building a parking garage in the place of a parking lot at the hospital and this has meant that parking has been awful for the last several visits.

I was dreading this visit to the hospital because of the walk from the parking lot to the Cancer Center. My foot is really causing me pain and if I step down without putting my foot flat on the ground, the pain is excruciating. This means that I have to walk slowly and carefully. And I walk funny.

When I arrived, I discovered that the parking garage had been completed.  I was relieved.  I pulled in and followed the directions of one of the parking attendants.  That is the thing about the hospital:  there are parking attendants all over the place.  I parked the car as close to the front of the garage as I could (at the point that was closest to the door of the hospital).  Then I got out of my car and started walking to the hospital entrance.

All seems pretty normal, right?  Then it happened.

One of the parking attendants saw me walking.  He must have noticed the attractive boot on my right foot and that I was going slowly and carefully.  He told me to wait.  Then he took off running to flag down a courtesy cart.  These are golf carts that attendants drive from the parking lots of the hospital to the entrances of the hospital.

The driver took me right up to the door of the hospital.  He then told me where I would need to wait, if I wanted a ride back out to my car.  Wow!

I went into the hospital and stopped at the information desk.  I wanted to let them know how much I appreciated the parking attendant flagging down the cart for me.  The parking lot attendant manager was walking by and the people at the information desk had me talk to him.  I let him know how nice it was to be noticed as needing help.  The attendant was friendly and seemed very happy to help me out.   The manager was glad and appreciative that I let him know.

In the meantime, one of the people from the information desk came up behind me with a wheelchair.  He told me to get in.  I laughed.  I told him that I could walk.  He told me to sit down.  I told him I wasn’t the patient, that I could walk and that my husband was going to laugh at me.  He insisted.  He told me he wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer.

I gave up.  I know when I can’t win and when it makes no sense to fight.  The man, who was probably a volunteer, was in his mid-to-late 60’s probably.  And I’m certain that we looked really silly going up to the Cancer Center.

Chris did start laughing when I was rolled into the Cancer Center waiting room.  I looked at the man pushing me and said, “Told you so.”  He laughed.  Then he told Chris that I said I could walk, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.  He said that sometimes the person who isn’t the patient is in worse shape than the patient.

It was funny.  It gave us a light moment in the waiting room.  And, as I’ve written before, I really don’t like that waiting room.

When we finished Chris’ appointment, I went to the spot to wait for a cart.  I was tired from walking from the Cancer Center.  Two parking lot attendants saw me waiting and called for a cart to come get me.  And rather than dropping me off at the drop-off spot, the driver took me right to my car.

If only customer service was like this all the time.


Comments on: "A Funny Thing Happened at the Hospital" (3)

  1. How wonderful for people to care about “you” in the midst of this crisis.


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